Full of Life: Three Thrive Communities Reach 100% Occupancy

The Thrive Senior Living leadership team celebrates the accomplishments of its teams at Thrive at Augusta, Thrive at Brow Wood and Thrive at Green Island. All of these communities share the notable distinction of achieving 100% occupancy this year, with Thrive at Augusta at full capacity for 18 months.

Thrive Senior Living leadership honors and recognizes Community Presidents Melita Winnick, Laura Bailey and Sarah Biehl; Community Relations Directors Sharon Norsworthy, Lauren Gaytan, and Kerry Jo Brooks; and Health and Wellness Directors Amy McKeen, Karen Waldon, and Nicole Miles as well as all of the community team members for their dedication, love and perseverance that made these accomplishments possible.


100% occupancy means our residents love living, engaging and building bonds within their community. It means that residents love where they live so much that they and their families have chosen to make it their permanent home— and to tell their friends. Every room is filled with older adults living their best, most fulfilled lives. It means they feel valued, understood, appreciated and cared for.


At Thrive at Augusta, authenticity is the name of the game. The team emphasizes that creating meaningful connections is key to 100% occupancy within their community. It is truly a team effort where everyone is involved in ensuring that residents continue to thrive – that includes caregivers who make it a point to sit and listen to the concerns and needs of the residents and families— and then do everything in their power to help them feel at home with a sense of purpose and passion each and every day.

At Thrive at Green Island, they focus on perseverance, humility, positivity, teamwork, communication, consistency, and dedication, all with full hearts, which allowed the community to reach this milestone. The team genuinely loves their work – and their residents. As Kerry Jo Brooks, Community Relations Director said, “We desire daily to ignite and sometimes reignite purpose and passion that exists in everyone, no matter what season of life they are in.” With this mindset, they have built an incredible community of trust and respect… with a lot of staying power.

At Thrive at Brow Wood, it’s all about showing that life is still happening in the community – that residents are thriving – and the incredible bonds that are developed between the team, their residents, and families. It’s a very family-oriented community. Their growth comes from showing prospective residents and their families that the Thrive at Brow Wood residents live rich, fulfilling lives. Their residents love to show off the community to prospects and get excited when new residents move in.


Belonging at Green Island looks like “pairing of passions”: creating environments that encourage creativity, teamwork and even a little competition while building connections and deep friendships. It’s important for the collective group to share the same passion, mindset, and work ethic. They work hard and play harder… and celebrate every victory together.

At Brow Wood, the Thrive team aims to instill belonging early on, before a resident even moves in. During tours, they encourage prospective residents to enjoy a meal with current residents or participate in community activities. “Our hope for our community is that residents love to live here, families love to visit here, and team members love to work here – and that every breath has a purpose and a place here,” said Lauren Gaytan, Community Relations Director.

Residents at Thrive at Augusta feel known and engaged because of team members like Social Network Director Robbie Harrell. The caregivers in Augusta make an effort to know their residents deeply, believing that older adults have their own hopes, desires and passions. This camaraderie is built simply by taking the time to talk and share stories openly and honestly. As Melita Winnick, Community President, said, they embrace this Pablo Picasso quote: “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”


“I should have done this sooner. I had no idea what I was missing and what I truly needed until I moved to Thrive.” These are common words heard at Thrive at Green Island. Residents love the opportunities and adventures the team provides daily, sparking joy, hope and spontaneity. One of their most rewarding programs is their Dream Weaver program, in which they fulfill bucket list wishes. They had one resident who was a pilot, and they fulfilled his wish to fly again. “We know them not just by their names, but who they truly are: their goals, their stories, their likes and dislikes,” said Community President Sarah Biehl.

Brow Wood residents love their community because they get to do life with their friends. Many of those friendships are lifelong. “We have residents who live down the hall and have actually been neighbors their whole life,” said Community President Laura Bailey. “They were neighbors when they had families, then they moved into condos and were neighbors, and now they live at Thrive just down the hall from each other.” Social gatherings hosted by the community allow residents and their families to bond and build friendships — this amazing camaraderie exists throughout the whole community.

In a world that too often writes off older adults, the Thrive at Augusta team wants every resident to feel heard, valued and loved. “We have a resident who had a dog named Buddy,” said Sharon Norsworthy, Community Relations Director. “He loved that dog, and we embraced that love for his dog. The dog became the community mascot. He brought people together; He brought joy to our residents. When the dog passed away, we honored Buddy and his owner by hanging a picture of them together. We also have a Buddy bench outside of the community. It gives our residents so much peace – remembering the deep relationships we share.”

Reaching 100% occupancy underscores the phenomenal effort and commitment of our teams. It mirrors not just the faith our residents and their families have in us but also the significant, positive influence we’re privileged to hold in their lives. Thrive takes immense pride in being a sanctuary where our seniors’ accomplishments are hailed, passions are kindled, and a true sense of community thrives. We are grateful for and so proud of our teams and their achievements.