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A New Way Of Thinking About Older Adults.

Welcome to Thrive and a fresh perspective on senior living. Over a decade ago we took a hard look at traditional senior living. We quickly knew we would not want to visit most of these places, let alone live there; so, we created communities where older adults would not only love to live, but Thrive.

What do most people think of when they see gray hair? They see frailty and disability with low speeds, and high needs. What do we see at Thrive? We see wisdom. We see laughter. We see ability. We see growth. We see potential. We see opportunity. These divergent views from tradition have caused a decade of incredible growth. We have built a company and a team of people who align on these beliefs.

Today we have almost 1,000 team members (employees) in our communities who come to work each day in the pursuit of meaningful relationships with our older adults*. Many of our key leaders bring valuable experience to our industry from other fields. Simply put, our leaders believe that if we love our team well, they will, in turn, love our residents well.

At Thrive, we’ve dedicated our lives to ensure there is purpose in every breath of each resident we’re honored to serve. We understand that older adults and their loved ones depend on us not only to live, but to live well. It’s a challenge we welcome – every day.

*We prefer the words ‘older adults’ to ‘seniors’. While senior may be in our name, (mainly because no one is searching for ‘Older Adult Living’ on Google), it doesn’t give this group the respect to which they’re entitled. You see, ‘senior’ is used by conventional thinkers to define an entire group of people as less capable, less cognizant, less human than the younger crowd. Well, we say “bull senior” to that. And we’ve built the communities to prove it. Older adults come to Thrive to shine, to live their best days, and be the envy of ….uh….non-older adults.

The Thrive Difference.

America is growing older—quickly. And expectations...they are growing higher...quickly. The older adults of today will not settle for their parent's senior living community, where older adults are warehoused and kept out of sight.

The older adults of today are living longer, and they want to live active purpose-filled lives. They are looking to downsize and simplify… not disengage. Thrive communities are built on the idea that older adults deserve better. To our team members, older adults aren’t patients – they’re friends with stories worth knowing and sharing.

It’s a whole new way of looking at aging.

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Independent Living, Assisted Living & Memory Care.

Independent Living

You may walk in and see a group of young moms huddled in a cozy booth, coffee in hand, soaking in the wisdom of one of our residents as they share how to win at parenting. Around a nearby table, you may see a group of young, ambitious businesspeople sharing a beer with several Thrive residents helping refine a business plan. At its core, Thrive Independent Living is about building community. We believe it is more than cocktail hours and fine dining. It’s about being known and knowing others. Our residents are often looking to downsize or find a closer-knit community of friends. With that said, never forget that we do make a killer martini that sets the stage for a perfectly grilled steak.

Assisted Living

Thrive’s Assisted Living is ideal for older adults who place a high value on independence. Most of our assisted living residents are in a season of life where they would like to have assistance accessible with some daily activities. Our assistance promotes independence and is accessible at all times of day.

Memory Care

Thrive memory care communities are designed to simplify life and empower residents to make their own living choices. Our approach is to educate and teach families new and productive patterns of communication with their mom, dad, spouse or sibling who is living with memory loss.

Every member of the Thrive team is NIDE (National Institute for Dementia Education) certified. That includes everyone from the chefs and housekeepers to the concierge and nurses. This education allows us to interact with our memory care residents as unique people rather than objects in need of care. Every older adult has a story. Our goal is to play a significant role in this season of that story.

(Thrive partners with outside healthcare providers to enhance our overall community experience. Though these partners align with our core healthcare practices and philosophies to provide the best level of care for our residents, these partners may not require NIDE certification like our Thrive team members.)

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