Schedule Your Staycation

Two senior women sit outside

We take cars for test drives before we buy them. We sample mystery meat on toothpicks at the food court before deciding if it should become lunch. We try on the overpriced blouse before we overpay for it. So, why can’t we “try before we buy” when it comes to senior living?

At Thrive, you can. We call it a Staycation. (Clever, huh?) It’s like a part-time job with all the benefits of full-time. Stay for a few days, a week, a month or as long as you like.

Why a Staycation? Maybe you want to give Thrive a trial run and kick the tires so to speak. Meet your potential neighbors (you’ll love them). Try the food (it’s delicious). Take part in some activities (we offer roughly a bazillion).

Maybe you’ve recently had surgery and would like a peaceful place to recuperate (imagine that… some quiet and relaxation!) with some extra help until you’re back to chasing your grandkids again. Or skydiving, motorcycle riding or whatever you’re into.

Maybe you’re a caregiver who needs some R&R to reenergize but don’t have the resources to help out with your loved one. A week or two at Thrive could be just what you need.

So take a Staycation at Thrive and enjoy a private apartment, community-wide wi-fi, a library, art room, gourmet dining, local transportation, and the best team members in the business. At Thrive, you can be anything you want. But the one thing you won’t be is bored.

Want more information? Send us a message and we’ll give you the scoop.