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Come along as we navigate the senior living journey together! Join our Chief Storyteller, Steven Farrell, as he sits down with our leading industry experts with over 50 years of combined experience helping families navigate the senior living journey, including independent living, assisted living, and memory care.

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Episode 5: Untangling the web of the senior living journey

Join us as our Vice President of Sales, Michelle Anderson, sits down with our Community Relations Director from Thrive at Augusta, Sharon Norsworthy, to delve into what families experience during the senior living journey and how senior living experts can provide invaluable guidance in helping families make the best decision for their loved ones and themselves. From the initial research to the first phone call to setting foot in a senior living community, we explore the multifaceted aspects families endure for days, weeks, months, and even years.

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Episode 4: The future is now

Join us as our Vice President of Sales, Michelle Anderson, sits down with one of our Thrive residents, Libby, and her daughter, Mary, to share their senior living journey. Libby recalls how two years ago, the idea of moving to a senior living community seemed far away; however, in the past year, her daughter, Mary, started to see a change in her mom’s health which caused her to start worrying about her mom’s safety. Then Libby had a hospital stay, and Mary realized that the future was now, and it was time for her mom to make a move to an assisted living community.

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Episode 3: All things Thrive

Join us as our Chief Storyteller, Steven Farrell, sits down with our Founder, Jeramy Ragsdale, to discuss: All things Thrive. In this episode, Jeramy shares: Creating the resident experience The importance of social space in senior living Thrive’s differentiator and purpose Thrives selection process Why assisted living and independent living are better options than staying at home, and more.

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Episode 1: How to Know When It’s Time to Consider Senior Living

VP of Sales and Operations, Michelle Anderson, discusses how to know when it’s time to consider senior living. Michelle has been helping families for over 20 years navigate the senior living journey. In our first episode, she shares the importance of understanding that everyone’s life story is different and unique to them and that making the decision to consider senior living is no exception.