Episode 3: All things Thrive

Episode 3: All things Thrive

Join us as our Chief Storyteller, Steven Farrell, sits down with our Founder, Jeramy Ragsdale, to discuss all things Thrive.

Jeramy started Thrive in 2007 after spending many years in the home building business. As a real estate developer/builder, Jeramy had the opportunity to build a senior living community. Through that process, he learned a lot about the industry and its competitors. He found that most owners/operators focused heavily on the convenience and efficiency of the physical environment rather than creating an experience for the resident. Jeramy believed he could do better, and thus Thrive was born.

In this episode, Jeramy shares:

  • Creating the resident experience
  • The importance of social space in senior living
  • Thrive’s differentiator and purpose
  • Thrives selection process
  • Why assisted living and independent living are better options than staying at home
  • Thrive’s memory care
  • Valuable advice to families considering senior living
  • Inspiring resident stories

Tune in… watch or listen – And let us help you thrive!

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