Finding a Sense of Safety and Security in Senior Living

Senior living communities offer a wonderful variety of benefits and one of the most important is the sense of safety and security. Unlike living at home, senior living safety is built in and operates day and night year-round to protect residents in their homes and throughout the community.

Finding a sense of safety and security in a senior living community

Accessibility = independence

The average (and even above average) home is not designed or built for accessibility, and early in retirement that may not be a problem. But as time goes by many seniors realize they are facing daily accessibility challenges that threaten their independence and make life less secure. For example, our blog, “How Safe Is Your Home for Aging in Place?” looks at a range of typical home problems to consider from stairs and steps to floors to bathrooms and kitchens, each of which can pose a danger to aging safely at home.

In senior living, all of these problems are eliminated. Period. Senior living safety includes the latest accessibility features throughout the entire community so whether a resident is at home or out and about the community, they know they are safe everywhere they go.

Emphasis on healthy living

The link between good health and personal safety may not seem obvious but it is undeniable. According to the article, “Get the Facts on Healthy Aging,” seniors as a group experience more chronic health conditions like heart disease and diabetes than younger people, are prone to falls, the leading cause of injuries and death among seniors, and experience isolation and loneliness which is at the root of a range of physical and mental health problems. The best way to minimize the risk of all three, however, is to simply stay in shape and adhere to a healthy social lifestyle.

Senior living safety prioritizes good health by making it easy for residents to exercise, eat right, and enjoy social connections every day. At Thrive we emphasize senior living safety by offering daily exercise classes as well as a state-of-the-art fitness centers, chef-prepared meals made from fresh wholesome ingredients to meet the unique needs of older adults, and endless opportunities to enjoy the company of friends and family. For more tips on healthy living, check out our blog, “Eat Well, Get Fit, Have Fun!

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Help is always on hand

Aging in place at home often means being alone a lot of the time. Although family and friends may stop by to visit often, they are rarely close by when needed most, such as when a loved one falls or needs other immediate help.

This one aspect of senior living safety can make a huge difference in the quality of life for a loved one. Just knowing that professional and compassionate help is always near relieves everyone — seniors, their families and their friends — of worrying about what might happen when no one is there to help. Whether it’s a medical emergency, help with transportation, or a burned-out light bulb overhead, senior living residents can rest easy knowing someone is always on guard.

For residents in assisted living and memory care, senior living safety extends to the daily help needed to ensure their health and well-being. Some residents may need a little assistance with dressing or bathing while others require medication management or help with mobility. Those in memory care receive the highest level of senior living safety precautions so they can remain independent but safe and secure under the care of skilled team members. Most importantly, memory care residents are protected from wandering away from the community, something that can have dire outcomes. Find out more about care in senior living in our blog, “Senior Living Care Options: A Look at Choices.”

An emphasis on security

One aspect of living at home that can become increasingly frightening is the lack of security against violence. Sadly, seniors are among the most vulnerable populations, and according to the article, “Violence Against Older Americans on the Rise,” the occurrence of non-fatal assaults against people aged 60 and older rose 53% between 2008 and 2016, with 58% perpetrated by a caregiver or someone the senior trusted.

Thus, security and senior living safety are top priorities in senior living communities like Thrive. Our residents and their families can rest assured that all team members are carefully vetted and that our security includes not only protection from within but throughout every area of the community indoors and outdoors year-round. Read our blog, “We’ve Got Your Back: Safety & Security in a Senior Living Community,” for what to expect.

When considering the benefits of senior living safety be sure to download our “Senior Living Options” guide, then contact us to schedule a tour of one of our beautiful communities.

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