What’s Included in the Cost of Senior Living

If you’re wondering whether to retire at home or move to a senior living community, it’s essential to understand what you get for your money in senior living. Even if you think you have all you need at home, knowing what’s included in the cost of senior living will help you make an informed decision. Senior living communities like Thrive offer so many services and amenities you may find a move to be the best decision you ever made!

What’s included in the cost of senior living?

All the basics

Across the continuum of care – independent living, assisted living and memory care – the cost of senior living includes all the basics that are paid ala carte at home. In general, the monthly cost of senior living includes rent and utilities like water, gas and electricity, trash, internet service and basic cable. In addition, top communities also provide regular house cleaning and linen services, washers and dryers in the apartments or a community laundry room close by. Also included are maintenance and repair as well as year-round community-wide upkeep indoors and outdoors.

Keep in mind that you will no longer have to worry about paying a mortgage, property taxes or homeowners’ insurance as well as home repairs, appliance replacement, lawn care, snow removal and all the other costs associated with living at home. For a more in-depth comparison our blog, “Independent Living: Cost vs. Value,” spells it out.

An umbrella of safety and security

When living at home, safety and security become more important over time. Worrying about stairs and steps, unsafe bathrooms and other typical family home concerns can weigh heavy, especially when mobility becomes a problem.

As noted in our blog, “We’ve Got Your Back: Safety & Security in a Senior Living Community,” the cost of senior living includes not only a very secure home and community but also living spaces that are designed for the changing needs of seniors. First is accessibility, which is key to remaining independent so there are no stairs, steps or other hazards to slow you down. Bathrooms are also equipped for safety with walk-in showers, grab bars and other features like raised toilets and other safety conveniences. Most important, however, is that help is always close by, which can be priceless in an emergency.

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A social community

Remaining socially active as you age may not seem like a health benefit, but according to experts, it is. While living at home can be socially isolating, the cost of senior living often includes a broad range of social opportunities from which to choose. Our blog, “We’re Better Together,” looks at how isolation and loneliness impact health and well-being, as well as the many options available. For example, you and your friends can join a club or special interest group, play cards and board games, get back to nature on the well-maintained outdoor walking paths or enjoy a rousing game of pickleball. Many communities like Thrive Senior Living also plan outings to local venues like museums and festivals and evenings out to enjoy a local restaurant or pub.

On-site amenities

Enjoying your retirement can be costly when everything you need and want is somewhere other than at home. But the cost of senior living includes convenience as well. As noted in our blog, “The Top Considerations When Choosing a Senior Living Community,” the best communities make it easy to remain looking your best with on-site hair salons and barbershops and take the sting out of the high cost of movies by providing on-site movie theaters complete with beverages and popcorn! Among the many other possibilities are community libraries, state-of-the-art fitness centers and classes like Tai Chi and yoga, and ongoing opportunities to grow through the arts and other fulfilling interests and hobbies.

The care and assistance you need

Different senior living communities offer different levels of care from active independent to assisted to memory care and skilled nursing. Each includes the appropriate type of care for residents and that care is included in the cost of senior living. Obviously, the more care you need the more it will cost but that care can be invaluable in helping you remain independent and enjoy retirement to the fullest. Although you may believe the cost of care at home is less than the cost of senior living, that may not be the case. Before deciding which is the best option get the facts in our blog, “Comparing the Cost and Value of Assisted Living with Care at Home.”

To learn more, download our “Senior Living Options” guide, then contact us to schedule a tour of one of our beautiful communities.

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