A Checklist for Independent Living

Retirement should be all that you dreamed it would be, but your choice of where to live can play a big part in whether that happens the way you expect or not. Before deciding that remaining in your family home is the best choice, consider what you really want and need and how best to make all those things a reality. To get started here’s a checklist for Independent Living that can help make the right retirement decision.

What should be on your checklist for independent living

#1: Independence

Early on in retirement, older adults often see no reason to move to an Independent Living community until they realize how many demands their home places on them. That dependence strips away a lot of time and energy from seniors who would prefer to travel, pursue hobbies, meet up with friends, and just enjoy the independent retirement lifestyle that was always part of the dream.

So, a checklist for independent living should begin with asking the questions:

  • How important is independence to me?
  • How much independence am I willing to sacrifice to continue living at home?

When considering the answers, keep in mind that luxury Independent Living communities are like all-inclusive resorts where all the maintenance – both inside and outside – is taken care of by the team members. There are no seasonal tasks to worry about like raking leaves and shoveling snow, and there’s much more time and freedom to come and go, enjoy friends and the local community, and relax in the knowledge that everything is taken care of, no strings attached. Get more facts about Independent Living in our blog, “What to Expect in an Independent Living Community.”

#2: A social lifestyle

One of the most difficult aspects of reaching retirement age is the loss of friends, which only increases with time. Friends are left behind at work, some move and others pass away, but the end result is fewer social connections, something that doesn’t bode well for healthy aging. The benefits of socialization are many: socialization may improve memory and a lack socialization can contribute to cognitive decline and increase the risk of anxiety, depression and physical health problems.

Thus, every checklist for Independent Living should include making new and lasting friendships and Independent Living has it covered! Living in a vibrant community of peers in the same age group makes it so easy to forge new friendships, share experiences and make the most of a socially fulfilling retirement that it can be hard to resist. The best part is everyone is close by so there’s no need for residents to travel to get together anytime they like.

In addition, it’s not just human friends that make Independent Living wonderful and the best Independent Living communities are pet friendly, so everyone can reap the rewards described in our blog, “The Wellness Benefits of Pet-Friendly Senior Living Communities.”

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#3: Boredom busters

“I love being bored!” said no one ever, so be sure to include activities and events on the checklist for Independent Living. At home there’s always TV, solitaire or computer games, but in Independent Living there is so much fun to be had every day there’s simply no chance to be bored… except by choice.

For example, a checklist for Independent Living might include:

  • Taking a class like strength-building or yoga
  • Delving into arts and crafts
  • Joining a book or gardening club
  • Attending events like Happy Hour
  • Enjoying excursions to local venues like museums, shopping and festivals
  • Taking a nature walk around the groomed trails within the community

#4: Compare the costs

One of the most common reasons for retiring at home is that Independent Living is too costly. In reality, however, the reverse may be true. In a checklist for Independent Living be sure to consider all the costs of living at home, from mortgage, taxes and insurance to maintenance and repair to groceries, utilities, and other on-going expenses. To be sure every base is covered, read our blog, “Comparing the Cost of Senior Living with Staying at Home” for a detailed review.

#5: Safety and security

No Independent Living checklist is complete without a look at safety and security, two things that can be elusive when living at home. Whether looking at safety concerns for aging-in-place like stairs and bathrooms, or the threats to a home from outside that warrant security systems, consider that safety and security are built into luxury senior living communities so accessibility and security are never a worry. Find out more in our blog, “We’ve Got Your Back: Safety & Security in a Senior Living Community.”

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