What to Expect in an Independent Living Community

Retirement is all about the freedom to live your life free of busy schedules that dictate your lifestyle. It’s about choices too, and one of the most rewarding is to choose to retire in an independent living community.

Unlike living in the family home where so much of your time is spent on chores and upkeep, life in an independent living community is more like a vacation at a resort where you can decide what each new day brings rather than worrying about mowing the lawn or finding a plumber. If it sounds too good to be true, here’s a look at all you can expect from an upscale independent living community.

What to expect in an independent living community

Freedom to flourish

Top independent living communities are designed for active seniors who are hitting retirement head-on and want the freedom to flourish on their own terms. Whether that means traveling, taking up a new hobby, learning a new language, or volunteering for a worthy cause, independent living offers a level of personal freedom that is hard to get when living at home. If you want to let go of the responsibilities of home ownership and live a turn-key lifestyle, independent living is the perfect choice!

No maintenance = cost savings

No matter where you live there will be maintenance to contend with… unless you live in an independent living community. Independent living means no maintenance is required because it’s already included in the monthly fee. Top independent living communities like Thrive Senior Living provide landscaped and well-maintained grounds outdoors, and inside you can depend on regular housekeeping around community spaces as well as light housekeeping in your own apartment, ongoing maintenance, repair and replacement, and an emphasis on a safe environment with no budget-busting surprises like at home. For a look at other ways senior living compares financially to living at home, check out our blog, “Comparing the Cost of Senior Living with Staying at Home.”

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Delicious and nutritious meals

Getting all the nutrition you need as you age isn’t as easy as it may seem because aging brings physical changes in dietary needs. For example, according to the medlineplus.gov article, “Nutrition for Older Adults,” you may need fewer calories but more protein. Or your sense of taste may change, making it more difficult to eat as well as you should.

Choosing an independent living community takes the guesswork out of eating well because they recognize the challenges to good nutrition and go the extra mile to provide meals that are not only highly nutritious, but truly delicious. At Thrive our chef-prepared meals rival top restaurants and residents can choose from different dining options like a formal dining room, or bistro or café as they please. Get more facts about senior nutrition in our blog, “Why Good Nutrition in Older Adults Is So Important and What It Might Mean When Overlooked.”,

Socialization is key

Living at home may seem perfect, but in reality it can be isolating and lonely, limiting socialization and impacting your health. In fact, according to our blog, “Isolation in Seniors and Why Socialization Is So Important for Their Overall Well-Being,” isolation can be a main factor in causing depression and anxiety, cognitive decline, problems processing information, inability to deal with stress, and a depressed immune system, to mention a few possibilities.

In an independent living community, however, there are so many activities and events to participate in every day that socialization is easy and ongoing. Whether you enjoy games like cards with friends, working out in the fitness center with a buddy, or joining a yoga class, there are so many ways to stay actively engaged that isolation and loneliness quickly fade from sight.

Age-appropriate design

One of the most important aspects of aging-in-place at home is accessibility, something that can be a challenge as time goes on. Typical American homes are designed for families, not seniors, so living at home can become not only challenging, but dangerous and the fixes can be costly and extensive, as described in the kffnews.org com article, “For Boomers Reframing Aging, Age-Proofing A Home Won’t Come Cheap.”

If you choose an independent living community, however, you choose accessibility that is built into every aspect. For example, you will find few to no steps or stairs, wider hallways, open, well-lit spaces, and other safety features like walk-in showers and grab bars. Every effort is made to ensure you can live the independent lifestyle you choose without fear of faltering.

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