The Wellness Benefits of Pet-Friendly Senior Living Communities

For pet owners the idea of moving to senior living can be a no-go unless it’s a pet-friendly senior living community. Today, more and more senior living communities like Thrive Senior Living are opening their doors to pet’s with the knowledge that they aren’t just animals, they are part of the family. We also know there are many benefits of being a pet parent that go along with our overall dedication to providing a happy and healthy environment for each and every resident. Take a look at how pet-friendly senior living really can make life better.

The comfort factor – Our furry friends are known to provide a sense of comfort and well-being simply by being there for us. In fact, according to the comfort is the premise behind emotional support animals which are specially trained to provide support for people with a wide variety of emotional conditions like anxiety and depression, bi-polar disorder and phobias. But even if you do not have such a condition, just interacting with animals can lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety and stress and make us feel happy. Learn more in the blog, “Why Do Pets Make Us Feel Better?

Pets give you purpose – One of the best aspects of pet-friendly senior living is that it allows residents to feel the sense of purpose that is inherent in being a pet parent. Just like raising children, having a pet requires dedication to caring for them and keeping them healthy. Feeding, exercising and keeping them safe all serve to offer that sense of purpose that often fades when the nest is empty and the career comes to an end. In turn pets are relentlessly loving, patient and loyal, always there when needed and ready to make each day a little bit better. For seniors this is a big bonus as described in the article, “Pets can Bring a Purpose to Life, Especially for Solo Seniors.”

Pets get you off the couch – Fish, birds and hermit crabs aside, having a four-footed pet like a dog in pet-friendly senior living can provide the impetus needed to get off the couch and get some exercise. Even just a walk several times a day is a healthy start and playing games like fetch outdoors with a dog can actually get your heart rate up and improve cardiovascular health. Dogs also love to run, take a dip in a pool or lake, and will stay right by your side when hiking and even biking. Find out all the ways to get exercise with your dog in article, “Great Ways to Exercise With Your Dog.”

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Pets make you laugh – Pet-friendly senior living is the best choice because pets, like people, can be really funny. But they do it without trying and can keep owners in stitches with their antics. According to the article, “Pets Keep Owners Laughing for How Long?” a recent study showed 80% of dog owners and 50% of cat owners reported their pets kept them laughing for one-to-two hours daily. But what’s so great about laughing? Plenty! Find out in the article, “The Health Benefits of Laughter.”

Pets will never judge you – Humans are often quick to judge each other, but not pets. In pet-friendly senior living residents can spend time with their pets knowing they aren’t being judged by them, even if they’re late for the evening walk or run out of treats. Pets just continue to spread their love and never hold a grudge or punish their owners for a misstep. It’s no surprise then what a survey of British pet owners revealed in the article, “One in four Britons prefer their pets to their partners…because they don’t judge, poll reveals.” So, an apartment in pet-friendly senior living is the judgement-free zone everyone needs to relax and unwind!

Pets help you make new friends – Pet-friendly senior living communities are welcoming places to live but with a pet, it’s even easier to meet new people and make new friends. Pets can act as a bridge for even the shyest person because people love to stop and say hello, introduce their pet and provide plenty of information about best pet parks, trails and dog-washing stations available. Along the way the ice is broken, and friendships are forged! According to the Harvard Health Publishing article, “Pets can help their humans create friendships, find social support, an Australian survey of 2,700 people found pet owners were 60% more likely than those without pets to meet new people in their neighborhood.

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