Aging Well in Senior Living

Aging well is a fundamental goal for seniors but achieving that goal at home may be more of a challenge to physical and emotional health than first realized. In senior living, however, seniors enjoy the benefits of living in a welcoming community. In senior living communities, seniors can kick back and take advantage of the excellent services and amenities and rest easy knowing that helping hands are available should the need arise. Take a look at the ways senior living supports aging well through physical and emotional health.

How senior living communities support aging well

A true community

The value of “community” is vastly underrecognized, especially when it comes to aging well. In reality, being part of a community can improve quality of life and open the door to new opportunities and relationships. As noted in our blog, “Combatting Senior Loneliness: Connectedness and Health Effects,” living a social lifestyle isn’t just more fun than living in isolation, it improves mental and physical health which may help seniors live better and longer lives.

Senior living communities like Thrive Senior Living offer seniors a carefree lifestyle that supports and encourages building relationships, enjoying social opportunities and sharing life experiences and interests that are unique to their generation. Rather than living a lonely life at home alone, senior living enables aging well and enjoying life to the fullest.

An emphasis on health and fulfillment

Staying healthy and finding purpose play big parts in aging well and top senior living communities make both a priority. Staying physically fit is one of the cornerstones of aging well and in senior living there are many ways to get exercise and have fun doing it. Whether working out in a state-of-the-art fitness center with a friend, joining a walking or jogging club, or taking dance or yoga classes, diverse options are always available to help seniors reap the benefits described in our blog, “Get the Glow: Benefits of Daily Exercise.”

Of course, staying in shape also benefits seniors emotionally because they simply look and feel better. For those who want more fulfillment, however, senior living communities also support residents who seek a more purposeful lifestyle in retirement. For example, volunteering to help others or a favorite cause, expanding knowledge through life-long learning, taking up a new hobby, or pursuing other interests defined in our blog, “Purposeful Living in Retirement” let seniors embrace their passions and reap the physical and emotional rewards that come with giving back.

Life-enriching activities

It may not seem possible before it happens, but retirement at home can get pretty boring. Spending days doing chores, performing myriad home maintenance tasks, and other monotonous day-to-day activities can prompt the question, “Is this all there is?”

In senior living, however, aging well means no more homeowner responsibilities or boredom thanks to all the resort-like amenities that raise carefree living to a whole new level. For example, in our blog, “Boredom Busters: Top Amenities to Expect from Today’s Senior Living Communities,” we note how residents can enjoy intellectual pursuits like onsite lectures, artistic endeavors, group get-togethers like Happy Hours, movies and local entertainment, excursions to local venues and restaurants and other options that make each day something special to remember. These senior living amenities offer wonderful ways to boost well-being while providing engaging and stimulating opportunities that make life worth living.

Senior living residents also have the benefit of on-site services like hair and nail salons and barbershops to keep them looking and feeling their best, nutritious chef-prepared meals served in elegant dining rooms, and casual dining options at cafés and bistros.

Safety and security

Concerns about personal safety and security at home can wear down even the healthiest seniors, especially if they live alone. Not only are threats from the outside enough to make for sleepless nights, but safety issues inside the home like those defined in our blog, “How Safe is Your Home for Aging in Place?” can make life difficult and even dangerous.

But aging well in senior living includes the peace of mind that comes with having safety and security built in throughout the community. From total accessibility to full-time team members close by to 24/7/365 security, nothing is left to chance. Find out more in our blog, “Finding a Sense of Safety and Security in Senior Living.”

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