What Is Independent Living?

Choosing to stay in your home in retirement is usually the first choice for healthy, active seniors, but is it really the best choice? Living at home brings with it responsibilities like home repair and maintenance, security when home and away, and time spent on lawn care, cleaning and upkeep that could be put to much better use like hobbies, travel, and relaxing. If you’re wondering, “what is Independent Living really all about?”, take a look!

What is Independent Living?


Independent Living communities are like luxury resorts without a check-out date. Residents are free to do as they please and can choose from a variety of onsite activities and events, classes and workshops, games and fitness options. But there’s also the option to take off and travel, see the world, visit family and friends, and check off those long-awaited bucket list items. The choices are many and so much easier to achieve when leaving is as simple as locking the door on the way out.

Staying active!

Staying healthy in retirement means staying active, and an Independent Living community is the perfect place to do it. Top Independent Living communities like Thrive Senior Living offer plenty of ways to get all the exercise needed to stay both physically and mentally active and healthy. For example, residents can work out in the state-of-the-art fitness center, walk or jog around the beautifully manicured grounds and nature trails, dig into gardening or immerse both mind and body in daily Tai Chi or yoga. Find out why it’s so important for seniors to stay active in our blog, “The Importance of Fitness for Older Adults.”

Being carefree!

Retirement may seem inherently carefree, but when living at home, the responsibilities can quickly weigh one down. That’s why Independent Living communities make a carefree lifestyle a priority so residents can actually spend time doing what they want, when they want. No more worrying about getting the lawn mowed, the snow plowed, the gutters cleaned, or all the other myriad of chores that come with maintaining a home. Instead, residents can kick back and just enjoy the lifestyle they prefer, while knowing maintenance, repair and upkeep will be managed without them. Get the facts about Independent Living in our blog, “Senior Living Communities Today: Not What They Once Were!

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One big challenge seniors face when living at home is security, not only from outside threats but staying safe and secure within the home, especially when living alone. While there are many security systems available to stop home invasions and notify emergency responders when a senior is injured, they can be costly, complicated and may not always perform as needed under every circumstance.

Independent Living is one place seniors can trust that security is always working behind the scenes and available. Not only do top Independent Living communities provide safety measures like accessibility, transportation, and features like walk-in showers, but also security for homes and residents that is on-guard 24/7 year-round. For example, residents can leave for as long as they wish knowing their homes are under constant care and that in the event of an at-home emergency first responders can be summoned quickly.

Another aspect is that of local and national emergencies like the COVID-19 pandemic and natural disasters. Residents of Independent Living communities can rest easy knowing there are plans in place to address a variety of scenarios to keep them and their homes safe and secure. Learn what to expect in our blog, “We’ve Got Your Back: Safety & Security in a Senior Living Community.”


Living at home often seems like the most economical place to spend retirement but when the costs of living at home are compared to the cost of Independent Living, there’s often a big surprise. What many seniors don’t realize is just how much they pay not only in the basics like mortgage, insurance, taxes and utilities, but also the à la carte items like home-related maintenance, repair and replacement costs, entertainment, club and gym memberships, transportation, personal and home security, etc. Independent Living communities provide so many services and amenities for just one monthly fee, it’s easy to see how Independent Living can actually save money. For an in-depth look at a cost comparison, check out our blog, “Comparing the Cost of Home to Senior Living.”

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