Senior Living Communities Today: Not What They Once Were!

During the past several decades life has changed considerably! It’s now hard to imagine living without the Internet, cell phones, microwaves, or computers. But just fifty years ago, all of them were nonexistent in everyday life. It’s no wonder that life in senior living communities has also changed and evolved to not only incorporate technology, but to meet the expectations of seniors who want more (much more!) out of retirement. Take a look at some of the reasons senior living communities are nothing like they once were. 

We’re Living Longer

One of the most notable reasons for the higher expectations in senior living communities is the simple fact that people are living longer and retiring earlier. According to the blog, “Retirement Changes Dramatically Over the Years,” in 1910 the average life expectancy at birth was just 50 years, but by 2000, it escalated to 73 years. Conversely, in 1910 the average retirement age was 74, while in 2000 it dropped to 62 years. The result is younger retirees with more time and energy to enjoy the fruits of their long careers and hard work.

As these younger seniors began looking for alternatives to living in (and maintaining) the family home, senior living communities changed from primarily caregiving “nursing homes” to more resort-like accommodations offering a variety of housing options and amenities. Today’s senior living communities like Thrive Senior Living are experts in providing a carefree, active, and healthy lifestyle for seniors at all levels of care, so that everyone can retain their independence and enjoy life to the fullest.

Our Health Is Better, and We Have Healthier Choices

Today the science of aging is better understood, and more and more people are making choices early on that will result in a longer, healthier life overall. Imagine seeing a movie from the 1920s with people out for a jog! Life for older adults was much more sedentary back then, something we now know is unhealthy. We also know a nutritious diet is an essential component of longevity as can be seen in any of the “blue zones” where people live longer than any other places on Earth. 

At Thrive, we make it easy for our residents to make healthy choices by providing places and opportunities to get exercise and enjoy chef-inspired meals that combine nutrition with elegance, offering choices for even the most discerning palette. Find out more about what’s in store in senior living communities in our blog, “Boredom Busters: Top Amenities to Expect from Today’s Senior Living Communities.”

Socialization Matters

Another change in senior living communities is how they create opportunities for social interaction. We now know isolation and loneliness among older adults are harmful not only for the mind, but for the body as well. According to the blog, “Senior Isolation Facts and the Effects of Loneliness” the far-flung nature of families today can result in the isolation of seniors living at home, putting them at increased risk for a variety of health concerns including depression, drug/alcohol problems, hypertension, heart disease, and stroke, to name a few.

In today’s senior living communities like Thrive, we go out of our way to bring our residents together to enjoy activities and share interests through classes, clubs, games, and events. From the athlete centers to art classes, we encourage our residents to make every day the best it can be by spending time with friends and neighbors doing what they love. Learn more about why socialization matters in our blog, “In With the In Crowd: The Benefits of Socialization for Older Adults.”

Seniors in the 21st century have options in senior living communities that their parents and grandparents could not have even imagined! Senior living communities like Thrive are vibrant, active, and engaging offering an all-inclusive resort-style life that is based on healthy living and great times. For more about choosing the right senior living community, download our Family Decision Guide. Learn more about Thrive’s communities, housing choices, and amenities by contacting us today!

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