Tips for Deciding If the Senior Living Lifestyle Is What You Really Want

Quality of life in retirement is at the top of the list for most older adults. The question is often whether the fun, independent and carefree lifestyle they have dreamed of can be found at home or if a senior living lifestyle would be a better fit? Before deciding, take some tips for making the right senior living lifestyle choice.

#1 Consider care

Early on in retirement, the need for daily care and assistance may seem irrelevant. But it’s smart to think ahead to a time when help may be needed to enable an independent lifestyle. In a senior living community with multiple levels of care like Thrive Senior Living, the right senior living lifestyle is always available. Residents can move seamlessly from Independent Living to Assisted Living or Memory Care, without all the hassles usually associated with a move and residents can remain in the senior living community they know and love. Find out more about how much luxury senior living has to offer in our blog, “Lifestyle & Care Options in Senior Living Communities.”

#2 Stay social

Staying social in retirement is an essential piece of the longevity pie, but one that can become difficult over time as friends move or pass away and mobility is reduced. But socialization has more to offer than just something to do, it is also known to lower risks for dementia, stroke, heart disease and depression as noted in our blog, “In With the In Crowd: The Benefits of Socialization for Older Adults.”

Socialization is a given in the senior living lifestyle because the entire community is accessible and making new friends is as easy as saying “Hello!” There are so many ways to get together with others, no one is the “newbie” for long. It is also notable that the senior living lifestyle also relieves families of having to spend time caring for a senior so everyone can just relax and enjoy their time together.

#3 Eat well

Planning and preparing healthy meals for one or two can become a burden for older adults who may end up not eating as much or well as they should. But amazing, nutritious meals are included in the senior living lifestyle, which is not unlike fine dining, morning noon, and night. And other options are often available such as the bistros and cafes where residents can enjoy a coffee break after exercise class, a midday snack or happy hour with friends. Even residents who love to cook and entertain will love having the choice to eat at home or in the dining room. Not sure if you are eating right? Learn more about senior nutrition in the article, “Myths & Facts About Food and Nutrition After 60.”

Thrive Family Decision Toolkit Guide

#4 Work less, play more

Keeping up with routine home maintenance, occasional repairs, and daily housekeeping take a lot of time away from enjoying retirement. But the senior living lifestyle eliminates all of that so residents can wake up each day and look forward to new, fun, and fulfilling things to do. And residents who love to travel can just take off and go knowing their home is safe and sound. For even more benefits of the senior living lifestyle check out our blog, “It’s Your Time to Thrive! 5 Ways Senior Living Can Improve Your Retirement Years.”

#5 Live life to the fullest

Retirement can become boring, especially when living alone at home. But the senior living lifestyle is like an all-inclusive resort with planned activities and events, entertainment, and plenty of like-minded people to hang out with. From exercise facilities to classes to trips, every day offers new choices. Of course, residents can also opt to visit with friends and family or spend the day relaxing in the privacy of their own home. Take a look at the senior lifestyle options at a Thrive community near you.

#6 Leave the driving to the pros

It isn’t easy giving up driving, but for many seniors it’s inevitable. When living at home, it can be a real problem, forcing seniors to rely on family, friends, and public transportation to get around. But transportation is no problem at all with the senior living lifestyle because it’s always available and residents can rest easy knowing they can get to appointments, go shopping and attend off-site activities as they please. Learn how important it is to give up driving when the time comes in our blog, “Older Adults and Driving: The Facts, Risks, and Alternatives.”

At Thrive Senior Living we make life fun, entertaining, and vibrant each and every day. For more about choosing the right senior living community, download our Family Decision Guide. Learn more about Thrive’s communities, housing choices and amenities by contacting us today!

Thrive Family Decision Toolkit Guide