What to Know Before Researching Senior Living Online

Researching senior living communities can take many paths but looking online is one easy way to narrow the field. Before beginning, however, take the time to get organized so you have a better understanding of what you want and expect. Here are several helpful steps that can make researching senior living online a more fruitful endeavor.

Tips for researching senior living online

What are your wants, needs and expectations?

Everyone is different with different wants, needs and expectations. So before researching senior living possibilities start by making a prioritized list of everything you want, need and expect from a senior living community. For example, in our blog, “Determining Your Needs and Wants in Senior Living” we look at different aspects of life in senior living from housing options to safety and security to social opportunities and more. With a list in hand, it is also easier to compare different communities and weed out those that aren’t up to par.

What type of community is best for you?

“Senior living” is a broad term to describe very diverse types of senior living communities with different levels of care. As noted in the forbes.com article, “Types Of Senior Living Communities: What To Know,” some offer only independent living, assisted living, memory care, or skilled nursing while others offer all or some combination of choices. For those in early retirement who want to shed the responsibilities of homeownership and live a carefree life free to come and go as they please, independent living is the best fit. When daily help is needed to remain active and independent, assisted living provides exactly the right amount of help when needed. Seniors with dementia are best suited for memory care where their every need is met with compassion in a very secure environment.

When researching senior living communities keep in mind that those that offer multiple levels of care often afford residents the ability to move from one level to another without having to move from the community they call home. Instead of having to seek out another community, residents can just move seamlessly to the right level of care.

Download our “Senior Living Options” guide.

What is your preferred lifestyle?

Another aspect to consider when researching senior living is the lifestyle offered by each community. Although modern senior living has come a long way from years gone by, not all reach the highest bar for luxury and carefree living. As described in our blog, “Boredom Busters: Top Amenities to Expect from Today’s Senior Living Communities” the best senior living communities will look a lot like resorts with beautiful private apartments, a daily calendar full to the brim with fun and socially engaging activities and events, and diverse amenities like onsite hair salons and barbershops, state-of-the-art fitness centers and plenty of well-maintained outdoor areas to enjoy. >

Equally important are the services provided. Among the most desired senior living services are chef-inspired cuisine at every meal, private dining rooms for special events, regular housekeeping and linen service, on-call repair and maintenance, and of course 24/7 year-round security throughout the community.

Researching senior living should also include close attention to each community’s proximity to assets within the greater community like hospitals, arts and cultural venues, and shopping and restaurants.

Don’t forget Fido!

One of the reasons seniors cite for not moving to senior living is that they believe they cannot bring their beloved pets with them. This is one of those senior living myths that are easy to bust since many of the best senior living communities not only allow pets but welcome them with open arms! As noted in our blog, “The Wellness Benefits of Pet-Friendly Senior Living Communities” at Thrive Senior Living, we know that pets can make life better, more fulfilling and healthier and we love having them with us every day. So when researching senior living communities be sure to take note of which ones welcome pets and what special accommodations they offer like pet washing stations and play areas. 

Get the scuttlebutt

Lastly, when researching senior living be sure to check reviews of each community including those on Google (via Google Maps) and the communities’ websites. Next, check out each community’s Facebook page and YouTube videos to see different events, activities and more. Also don’t forget to ask family and friends for their opinions including those who already live in a senior living community and can provide honest, first-hand knowledge.

While researching senior living take a moment to download our “Senior Living Options” guide, then contact us to schedule a tour of one of our beautiful communities.

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