Determining Your Needs and Wants in Senior Living

Choosing the right senior living community often depends on what each older adult considers to be their personal senior living needs and wants. Every detail from housing to services to amenities should be listed and compared to assess and compare different communities. Keeping in mind that all senior living communities are not equal, here’s a rundown of senior living needs and wants to consider.

#1 – Housing options. A move to senior living should be to a new home that suits the older adult’s senior living needs and wants. Among the many choices to make are the number of bedrooms, full kitchens vs. kitchenettes, a washer and dryer, plenty of natural light, and ample storage space. While one single older adult may prefer a smaller home, a couple may want two bedrooms with all the options. When touring or looking at housing options online, be sure to note the little things like accessibility, number of closets, and proximity to community amenities. For a look at Thrive Senior Living’s housing options, visit our community page

#2 – Social activities. One reason many older adults move to a senior living community is to increase their opportunities for socialization. To assess whether senior living needs and wants in this area can be met, many older adults choose to actually stay awhile at the community before making a choice. At Thrive Senior Living, we call this a “Staycation,” and we go the extra mile to ensure our guests are able to fully enjoy all we have to offer, socially and in every other way. Staying in a private apartment, guests have access to all amenities and the opportunity to meet and create relationships with residents and team members. Staycations are also great for older adults who require a rest after surgery or for times when a caregiver needs to take time off. Find out more about our Staycations and schedule one today!

#3 – Self-fulfillment. Retirement bucket lists often wait years to be realized, and at Thrive we understand how important this self-fulfillment is to our residents. No matter what the senior living need or want is, we stand ready to help. For some of our residents, travel is at the top and they can see the world while knowing their home and possessions are secure. For others maybe it’s learning something new like yoga or Tai Chi or joining a club with others who share interests. Or for others, it’s just having the time to get in shape in both body and mind in the Athlete center or outdoors in nature. More about how Thrive makes life fulfilling can be found in our blog, “The Joy of What’s Next – Having a Bucket List.”

#4 – Safety and security. Living at home might become unsafe for older adults, so senior living needs and wants often include better safety and security. At Thrive, our concept of a safe and secure community goes far beyond what older adults can get at home. We know that older adults also need companionship, accessible living spaces, the technology to help them stay connected to family and friends, and great meals that are wonderful as well as nutritional. And for our residents who no longer drive but want to get out and shop or visit local venues, we provide the transportation that helps keep them independent, guilt-free! Find out more about our commitment to safety and security in our blog, “We’ve Got Your Back: Safety & Security in a Senior Living Community.”

#5 – Future needs covered. For many older adults, knowing they are in a place where they can receive more care if and when the time comes is key to being able to relax and enjoy life. When peace of mind is one of their senior living needs and wants, it’s important to seek a community where accelerated levels of care are available. At Thrive we have several communities that offer independent living, assisted living, and memory care all on the same campus. All share the singular purpose of providing more than care, by helping each resident to live a purposeful life, build relationships and retain their independence. It’s also important to note that our team members at Thrive Senior Living are certified members of the National Institute for Dementia Education giving them the knowledge and skills to interact with and encourage residents living with changing cognitive abilities. 

Meeting all of our residents’ senior living needs and wants is a daily challenge we gladly accept. To learn more about Thrive Senior Living and how to best make important senior living decisions, contact us today.

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