It’s Your Time to Thrive! 5 Ways Senior Living Can Improve Your Retirement Years

Say NO to a typical retirement!

It’s up to you: you could sit back and tell yourself that a run-of-the-mill retirement will do just fine… we say – hogwash! Who really wants that? Now, let us tell you just how the right senior living community (which we happen to think is Thrive at Montvale) can help you squeeze the most out of every moment of this rewarding stage of life.

  1. Senior living gives you more freedom.

We’re talking real freedom. Wind-in-your-hair-and-it-feels-great freedom. From things like repair bills. Yard work. Dirty dishes. The idea of living a truly carefree life might seem like something out of a movie, but this time it’s really real and the popcorns on us! At Thrive at Montvale Senior Living, you can hand over your daily headaches and chores to us — we love taking care of them. You just go enjoy. And enjoy. And enjoy!

  1. You’ll discover a new purpose — one that you love.

Maybe it’s learning French. Mastering Thai cooking. Mentoring would-be entrepreneurs. Perfecting your chip shot. New goals are terrific ways to get more out of your retirement and a senior living community offers the inspiration to really discover what matters most to you. You’re surrounded by a mix of engaging people who can introduce you to new interests. And you finally have the time to pursue those dreams you’ve nurtured for years. The fancy term is purposeful living. It’s been linked to longer life, lower risk of disease, better sleep and healthier behaviors. And — how cool is this one study1 even found that a sense of purpose may play an important role in maintaining physical function among older adults. That’s because having purpose and meaning in your life gives you confidence — you’ll be more apt to stand a little taller and walk a little faster!

  1. Live every day like you’re in a soft drink commercial! Well, sort of.

You know who we mean…those people with the perfect style who are just having way too much fun, enjoying resort-like amenities and smiling like there’s no care in the world? What if that could be you?

Okay… maybe not everyone chuckles their way through life, but at Thrive of Montvale Senior Living, you will find plenty of reasons to smile every day. Think sipping craft coffee in Convivium Coffee Company, bringing Fido for a run in Bark Park, or catching bocce ball action in The Social Court. Then enjoy a movie at The Cinema, an art class in Meraki Studio, or a quick workout in the Athlete Center before relaxing in your apartment. After you’ve rested up a bit, it’s off to happy hour followed by a wonderful dinner at Saltbox. You get the idea. Boredom is not on our list… unless that’s your thing!

  1. You’ll get help — and a whole lot more — being around your friends.

Life happens! Challenges pop up unexpectedly. And some days have more clouds than others, but that’s another secret to how senior living can help you get more out of your retirement. You’re living in a vibrant community filled with folks who care about each other — and that includes you! They’re ready to listen. They share your memories and references. That’s a lot of good vibes when you need a friend.

An article in Psychology Today states that being around others you enjoy strengthens your immune system, boosts feelings of well-being, decreases feelings of depression, reduces your chances of developing dementia, and can even help you live longer. 

Classes, activities, outings, parties, volunteering, dining companions are great ways to get more out of your retirement, are all good for you, and what Thrive Senior Living is all about… but be forewarned: those young whippersnappers that are your grown children might just decide they’d like to move in with you. Tell them it’s your turn first!

  1. Every day is Wellness Day.

Research is turning up some exciting facts about how to live a longer and healthier life — and senior living is listening. Delicious dining can actually boost your immune health. Countless ways to socialize can give you some major physical and emotional benefits. Classes for cardio health, balance, and strength will help to keep you strong and steady. Fascinating programs, lectures, courses, outings and adventures will stimulate your brain and help keep you sharp. Not to mention Pickleball. Yoga. Meditation. We don’t call ourselves Thrive for nothing! 

Some people think about a senior living community as a place to retire. We think of it as a place to live…really live! In fact, we at Thrive at Montvale believe the best part of your life starts the moment you move in here, so what are you waiting for?  Get more out of your retirement with Thrive Senior Living! <

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