Talking Tips for a Family Conversation About Assisted Living

Throughout life there are times when families need to sit down and talk openly about important decisions. One of these times is when caring for a loved one at home has become too much for a family member caregiver and a move to an assisted living community is the best solution. Talking about assisted living can be difficult and even contentious though, making it harder than it has to be. When talking about assisted living as a care option, consider these tips for making the conversation positive and productive.

Tips for families when talking about assisted living

Tip #1 – Broach the subject early

Even healthy, active seniors know there may come a time when they cannot care for themselves, so asking early on how they feel about care options is a good idea. Introducing the idea well in advance of needs gives them time to consider why assisted living in the future might just be a good option. When talking about assisted living with a loved one, our blog, “How Assisted Living Improves Quality of Life in Retirement,” can help.

Tip #2 – Involve everyone, including the senior

Talking about assisted living should include every family member who wants to join in. Everyone should be invited and given the time to voice their concerns and support. This is especially true when it comes to the senior loved one, who might not be 100% on board with the idea. Recognize that seniors may have negative feelings about moving, so ask them how they feel about assisted living and why.

Keep in mind that talking about assisted living or any other big change can be difficult, so explain that everyone is trying to find a solution that is good for the senior and the caregiver alike, and that compromise may be the best route. While all families and relationships are different, our blog, “Navigating Family Dynamics for a Successful Senior Transition Conversation,” looks at ways to make talking about assisted living productive.

Tip #3 – Define care needs

Honesty is the best policy when talking about assisted living so be sure to define how much care is truly needed. In our blog, “When At-Home Care Is and Isn’t a Good Choice for Seniors,” we look at a range of care needs as well as lifestyle options that are impossible or at least hard to get when living at home. Also share information about recent falls, injuries, and any other problems encountered by the senior so everyone knows what life is really like for their loved one. If appropriate, get the input of the senior’s health care provider and share that as well.

Download our “Just the Facts: Assisted Living” guide.

Tip #4 – Explain what assisted living offers today

Aging seniors often have some pretty sad memories of visiting their elders in “nursing homes.” Back in the day, seniors had few choices and many lived out their lives in institution-like places with little to do, poor food, and little privacy. But that is all in the past!

Modern luxury assisted living communities like Thrive Senior Living’s communities offer a variety of private, beautiful, and well-appointed apartment options, elegant chef-inspired meals in formal dining rooms, cafes and bistros, literally tons of fun activities and events planned every day, and plenty of new friends with whom to enjoy the carefree lifestyle. Before talking about assisted living, get the facts in our blog, “What Can You Expect in Assisted Living?

Tip # 5 – Compare the costs

When talking about assisted living the subject of cost is sure to come up. But it’s easy to counter the “assisted living is too expensive” argument with the facts. In our blog, “Comparing the Cost and Value of Assisted Living with Care at Home,” we look at the cost of hiring in-home caregivers as well as the cost of care in assisted living, taking into account the true costs of each. Then there are the hidden costs associated with home care such as the shortage of competent caregivers and problems with caregivers once hired, like reliability and quality of care.

In assisted living, caregivers and other team members are always available – night and day – and are dedicated to providing excellent care with compassion. Add to that the healthy and active lifestyle in top assisted living communities and talking about assisted living becomes a much more positive endeavor for everyone.

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