Settling Into Your New Senior Living Home

You’ve made the decision to move to senior living, but suddenly you feel anxious about what it’s going to be like in the beginning. While every community is different, the best work hard to make the transition easy and stress-free. Rather than worry, however, take a look at ways to make settling into your new senior living home a breeze.

Expect help on hand

Moving day is always a stressful one, but moving to senior living might be one of the least stressful ever. If you have followed the advice offered in our blog, “Planning for a Successful Move to Senior Living,” you can rest assured that once you arrive at your new senior living home, team members will be ready and willing to help you with any unplanned problems or concerns. At Thrive Senior Living we know day one is often the hardest and we go the extra mile to ease the transition by being available and ready to help. From arranging furniture to touring the community to meeting new friends and neighbors you can count on our friendly and understanding team to ease the way.

Make your new home your own

Unlike in the past, modern senior living communities encourage each resident to decorate their senior living home to suit their personal preferences. As noted in our blog, “New to an Assisted Living Community? Decorate & Design Your Home to Fit Your Style,” a new senior living home should truly feel like home and there are many options available from paint to artwork to plants and more. Many residents enlist the help of family or friends to decorate prior to moving day so when the truck arrives their new senior living home is ready to be filled with all the precious possessions they chose to bring along. Decorating lends not only style to a senior living home but can empower you with a sense of ownership and pride.

Embrace a new routine

After the hustle and bustle of moving to your senior living home, you may feel a little lonely on day two so it’s the perfect time to take a look at the monthly calendar of events and activities and establish a new routine. Not only will a routine help you feel grounded but according to our blog, “The Surprising Benefits of a Daily Routine in Retirement,” a routine can also reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, provide a sense of control, help you get organized, and even improve nutrition. Whether you choose to start working out or taking an exercise class, join a club or interest group, or jump into a hobby or arts and crafts class, every day offers diverse choices that are not only fulfilling but fun.


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Find your purpose

If you, like many seniors, have looked forward to retirement as a time to embrace a purposeful lifestyle, your new senior living home is just the place to begin. Maybe you want to volunteer with a local charity or non-profit, you have always wanted to learn a new language or expand your knowledge through life-long learning, or perhaps you prefer to revisit a hobby you loved in the past. Rekindling passions and finding purpose in your new senior living home can be not only gratifying but can open doors to new friendships and relationships. To learn more check out our blog, “Purposeful Living in Retirement.”

Get out and about

If you no longer drive or just prefer not to, it can really stifle your ability to get out and about. But your new senior living home can help put an end to that. Not only can you expect free local transportation to appointments, shopping, and other off-site necessities, but you can also enjoy pre-planned trips to community hotspots like theaters, museums, seasonal events, and restaurants, as well. Having free transportation lets you enjoy the greater community while staying safe on the road and giving your family peace of mind. For a look at the realities of driving for seniors, read our blog, “Older Adults and Driving: The Facts, Risks, and Alternatives.”

Spend quality time with family

When family members have been spending most of their visits cleaning, fixing and helping around your house, you may have lost out on simply spending quality time together. In senior living, however, there are so many amenities and services included that in your new senior living home you and yours can forget all the work and just enjoy time together doing what you want.

At Thrive Senior Living life is fun, fulfilling and carefree so download our “Successful Transitions” guide and contact us to schedule a tour.

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