Dispelling the Most Common Fears Seniors Have About Senior Living

Just a few decades ago, a move to senior living meant long days in an institutional facility where older adults often felt left behind. Today’s older adults may even remember visiting relatives when they were young and recall these “nursing homes” as being like hospitals rather than like a comfy home. But all that has changed! Before considering a move to senior living, take a moment to banish those fears about senior living and find out the realities. 

Fear #1 – Loss of independence. Aging does cause older adults to become more dependent on others but fears about senior living no longer should include loss of independence. In fact, modern senior living communities are designed, built, and operated to encourage independence while making life safe, active, and entertaining. Residents instantly realize that senior living actually lets them be more independent because they can do what they want, when they want without having to worry about being a burden on family. At Thrive Senior Living, our purpose is to help each resident find their purpose and enjoy a carefree and fulfilling life.

Fear #2 – It won’t feel like home. Many older adults’ fears about senior living center around having to give up their family home for a place that will not feel like home. But nothing could be farther from the truth because senior living communities offer a variety of housing options where residents can bring their own furniture and other belongings and create the new home they desire. Best of all, their new home no longer requires upkeep, maintenance and the time and energy required by most family homes. Residents can rest assured that assistance is always available from fixing appliances to housekeeping. Take a look at the housing choices at a Thrive Senior Living community. Also, check out our blog, “Make It Your Own: 6 Tips for Decorating Your Senior Living Home.”

Fear #3 – Loss of privacy. Living in a family home may lead older adults to conclude that a move to a senior community means losing their privacy. In reality however, this is one of the fears about senior living that is easy to put to rest. Residents in Thrive communities have their own private apartment and can choose the level of assistance required by team members. Only those people invited into their apartment are allowed access and it is up to residents to choose who can enter. Due to the level of care required in memory care, team members have greater access to ensure the safety of every resident.

Fear #4 – Senior living is lonely. Older adults who live alone may harbor fears about senior living being lonely and that they won’t be able to visit with friends and family anymore. Actually, senior living residents often find that they see more people than ever before because the community offers so many activities and ways to meet new friends and forge new relationships. Of course, family and friends are always welcome to visit and spend time and even share meals together. And, not spending precious time cleaning or doing chores means they can just enjoy every minute! Find out more about life in senior living in our blog, “A Day in the Life of Older Adults in a Senior Living Community.”

Fear #5 – Senior living is boring. Yes, getting older can mean being less able to do some things, but the fears about senior living being boring will quickly vanish when new residents see all of the fun, entertaining and invigorating choices available to them. From exercise classes to yoga to local entertainment and planned excursions, senior living today offers older adults a vibrant lifestyle in a resort-like community. Residents often have so many options that it’s hard to fit them all in! From morning until night, each day is filled to the brim! For more about how we banish boredom at Thrive Senior Living, read our blog, “Boredom Busters: Top Amenities to Expect from Today’s Senior Living Communities.”

Fear #6 – Senior living is unaffordable. On first glance, today’s senior living communities may look pretty lavish, prompting fears about senior living’s affordability. But when older adults honestly tally up all the costs of living at home versus the costs and amenities included in life in a senior living community, the amounts can actually be quite similar. At Thrive, we have a variety of housing options as well as services designed to allow each resident to choose what best fits their needs and budget. To learn more about paying for senior living, our blog, “How to Pay for Senior Living: Top Frequently Asked Questions” can help.

Thrive Senior Living communities are among the best in providing older adults with active, healthy, and fun-filled lifestyles. To help make the right senior living decision for you or a loved one, contact us today. 

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