A Day in the Life of Older Adults in a Senior Living Community

We’ve banned boredom for older adults at Thrive Senior Living!

Senior living communities offer a broad range of activities and amenities designed to provide diverse options for all residents. From everyday activities like meals and exercise, to classes, entertainment, and off-campus outings… there is never a dull moment. It’s like living at a vacation resort! 

Whether an older adult wants a relaxing day or a fun-filled one, it’s up to them to choose. Here’s a look at a day full of the possibilities for a senior living resident. 

Rise and shine!

Although everyone wishes they could hit the snooze button, older adults in senior communities actually get to set their own schedules and can rise and shine as they prefer. For residents in Independent Living, morning can be the time to enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee, read the news, and/or chat with a loved one on the phone. Later, they may make their own breakfast or amble over to the dining room and partake of the chef-prepared options. In Assisted Living or Memory Care, morning is often a time for getting help with medications, showering, and other personal care needs before heading over to have breakfast with friends in the dining room. 

Get the lead out!

After fueling up from breakfast, it’s good to keep moving so older adults can enjoy a walk, exercise in the fitness center, attend physical therapy, meet up with friends for a yoga class, hit the salon, or hop on the shuttle to the local grocery store or mall. Before lunch, there’s still time to kick back and relax with a good book, a little bird watching, or a leisurely chat with friends in the lounge. 

Afternoon delights

Don’t let the fun stop there – after lunch, it’s time to check the daily events calendar! For those who enjoy being outdoors, a planned trip to a local park, zoo, or beach is the perfect way to spend the day. For golfers, nine or 18 holes will be the choice that best fits their lifestyle. Or perhaps, family or friends are stopping by to visit and catch up, so it’s time to prepare snacks and beverages for company. 

Older adults who prefer to stay indoors also have many options. They may enjoy a cooking or baking class with a local baker or in-house chef, relax and enjoy the piano playing of a local jazz artist in the activities room, or share the common interests of a knitting group, book club, choral group, or art class.

Although some older adults are ready to roll, others might prefer a quick post-lunch nap. We don’t judge… everyone loves a good catnap! No matter which of those you prefer, every older adult in a senior living community will find something that interests them. Some activities can be done in the comfort of their suite while others help them maintain the socialization necessary to keep them happy and healthy. For older adults with limited mobility or capacity, senior living communities provide the help they need to take part, to engage, and to feel at home among friends.

After 5: Drinks and Dinner

As the day winds down, they may spend time on the computer doing research on the family tree or online shopping. Others will want to gather with friends for happy hour in the lounge! 

If family or friends are coming for dinner, it’s time to check with the team members to make sure everything is ready to go when they arrive. Then, it’s off to dinner – a great time to talk about the day and what activities are on tap for the week ahead. 

Evening fun

After enjoying a wonderful meal, residents still have plenty of choices available. They can retire to their suite and watch television, take an after-dinner stroll around the grounds, play a few hands of bridge, or take in a movie in the theatre… complete with freshly popped popcorn! For some, this may also be the time set aside for those who enjoy the camaraderie of hobbies or other shared interests such as book club or poker night.

If the family is visiting, it’s a great opportunity to plan future visits or trips together, spend time with grandkids working on a project, or just relax, chat, and have a glass of wine.

Calling it a day

As the day comes to a close, each resident follows their own routine: maybe a little television, maybe a little music, some may even get assistance preparing for bedtime. That’s the beauty of daily life in a senior living community… help is there if and when you need it!

At Thrive Senior Living, we embrace the diverse lifestyles and preferences of each resident and aim to offer activities that are both healthful and fun! To find out more about what Thrive’s communities have to offer, contact us today.

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