Decorating Tips for Your Senior Living Retirement Home

There are many opportunities for new beginnings in retirement and one of the most exciting is decorating senior living apartments. Modern senior living apartments are beautiful and well-appointed and provide a blank canvas for creating a masterpiece of home décor that reflects the resident’s tastes and personality. When decorating senior living apartments, consider these ideas to make the new home everything it can be.

Decorating tips for your senior living community retirement home

Decorate for comfort

Moving to senior living can be stressful as the old life is left behind and the new one is on the horizon. But to make the transition to senior living easier try decorating your senior living apartment with comfort in mind. There are many different concepts of comfort but according to the article, “Forget Aesthetics—Comfort Decorating is the Nostalgic, Pragmatic Trend We All Need Right Now”, one that ranks high is nostalgia. Using memorabilia and other beloved possessions like photos, heirlooms and even hand-me-downs like grandma’s hand-made quilt, incorporate the past into the present. This can help ease into the move and instantly create a feeling of home.

Decorate to maximize space

Downsizing to senior living generally means the new home is smaller. To make the most of your space think about furniture that is scaled down, serves more than one purpose or is collapsible. For example, forgo a full-size couch for a loveseat and a pair of comfy chairs. Instead of a coffee table, consider an ottoman that can also be used for storage. Another trick is to turn a potentially wasted nook into a workspace by adding a hanging desk that folds into the wall when not in use. In bedrooms, choose an upright dresser with a small footprint, and in the dining room, add a table that can expand when needed. For a look at more fun possibilities, check out article, “15 Space-Saving Furniture Solutions for Small Spaces.”

Decorate for brightness

One of the most essential aspects of decorating a senior living apartment is to make it as light and bright as possible. Since aging decreases the eye’s ability to see light it’s important to make the most of natural as well as manmade light. Start with drapes that are light colored so they let light in even if drawn during the day. Another trick for decorating your senior living apartment is to hang mirrors, which reflect light and can make a small room appear much larger and brighter.

Also essential are lighting options, like those described in the article, “Apartment Lighting: 28 Ways to Brighten Your Space”. Try strategically placed floor and table lamps to lighten dark corners and other low-light areas, but keep in mind that lampshades that are lighter and smaller allow for more light. For spots where work occurs such as in kitchens and near desks, track lighting or undercabinet lighting can also improve safety and productivity.

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Decorate for freshness

To introduce a feeling of freshness when decorating senior living apartments add plants that fit into the overall scheme. Plants are natural components that are not only soothing but add simple touches that can bring a room together, create a focal point, and add splashes of color as well. From a small pot of African violets on a shelf to a tall and lovely weeping fig to a cascade of ivy, there are so many ways to make plants part of the décor. For more ideas, the article, “Decorating with plants – 11 ways to display houseplants” offers a variety of possibilities.

Decorate for show

Many seniors have accumulated a lifetime of heirlooms or collectables they want to display as part of their décor. When decorating, showing off these special items on shelves are an excellent choice since they often have no footprint and can be placed just about anywhere there is a little wall space. Shelves can be deep or shallow, hung alone or in a grouping, and come in a wide range of colors and materials to suit every color scheme. From floor to ceiling library shelves to staggered curio shelves to space-saving kitchen shelves the options are endless. For a look at unique ideas for using shelves for decorating senior living apartments, article, “43 Shelf Decor Ideas to Help You Style Yours Like a Pro,” is a great resource.

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