A Look at the Care Options in Senior Living Communities

Never before have older adults had so many senior living care options to choose from! Whether an older adult is healthy and active, needs just a little assistance, or requires constant memory support care, there is a place for them. The trick is understanding what each has to offer so the right choice is made from the get-go. When making the decision, here’s a look at the variety and services of senior living care options.

Independent Living — Many older adults first join a senior living community by choosing Independent Living. Among all the senior living care options, Independent Living is the one that is best for older adults who require no daily assistance but want to maintain an active and engaging social life while having the option of adding services such as housekeeping and a meal plan. They can retain their independent lifestyle knowing that they are in a safe and secure place and that if they should need help, it is close by. 

Independent Living offers private homes or apartments as well as added amenities within the community that can include activities such as happy hour and garden club, full fitness centers, movie theaters, hair salons and barber shops, transportation, off-site trips, and much more. Older adults in Independent Living can enjoy the benefits of a home with all the amenities of a resort. They also shed the burden of home maintenance and can spend their retirement doing all the things they never had time for before their move. Find out more about what Independent Living at Thrive Senior Living has to offer in our blog, “Boredom Busters: Top Amenities to Expect from Today’s Senior Living Communities.”

Assisted Living — Older adults who need daily help often find living at home is not the best choice because it places a burden on others to provide that support. For them, Assisted Living is one of the best senior living care options because it allows them to maintain their independence while having help on hand 24/7 and without all the guilt of bothering friends or family. Assisted Living provides older adults with the level of support they need for everything from dressing and undressing to personal hygiene to medication management.

Older adults with mobility limitations also find Assisted Living to be the perfect solution because senior living communities are designed to be open, accessible, and easy to navigate. Almost everything an older adult could want or need is available in the community. They also will no longer feel trapped or burdensome. Instead, Assisted Living – like Independent Living – offers diverse amenities as well as plenty of welcoming team members, friends and neighbors for companionship and a never-ending calendar of things to do. Still unsure which of the senior living care options is best? Find out more about Assisted Living possibilities in our blog, “Assisted Living: The Why, The How, and The Now.”

Memory Care — When older adults begin having memory problems, it may be just occasional forgetfulness, or it may be something more. Although some memory loss is normal, there are many levels of memory loss and a diagnosis of dementia means it is no longer normal. Dementia in any of its many forms means an older adult will need ongoing care and oversight to remain safe and be able to live life to the greatest extent of their capabilities. Memory Care is a senior living care option where older adults are not only in an environment that promotes safety and security, but they also benefit from round-the-clock attention from trained team members and activities that can help them retain cognitive function. Team Members also make sure residents remember to eat and will assist them when needed to ensure they are getting all the essential nutrients. Because they are part of a community, older adults in Memory Care also benefit from engaging and interacting with others, and no longer have to fear the isolation that many at home suffer. When an older adult needs specialized care for memory loss, Memory Care is often the perfect option not only for them, but for their families as well. To learn more about what Memory Care has to offer, our blog, “What Does “Memory Care” Really Mean?” offers a wealth of information.

Thrive Senior Living communities are among the best in providing older adults with active, healthy, and fun-filled lifestyles. To help make the right senior living decision for you or a loved one, contact us today.

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