A Look at Personalized Memory Care at Thrive

Moving a loved one to a memory care community can be a difficult time for families even when they know it’s the best choice. At Thrive Senior Living we understand the anxiety families suffer, that’s why we offer personalized memory care built on a foundation of compassion, professionalism and knowledge.

When considering memory care, take a look at how Thrive provides unparalleled personalized memory care services.

Our philosophy of memory care

At Thrive, we state Our Purpose right up front: Help our residents “build worthwhile, meaningful relationships with our team and new friends.” This means that every day every resident can expect not only all the care they need to stay safe and healthy but a lifestyle that empowers them by encouraging and supporting independence and autonomy. This isn’t just our job, however, it’s our honor, and one we take to heart by emphasizing the value of every resident.

Certified and knowledgeable team

Thanks to ongoing research in dementia care and outcomes, personalized memory care has come a long way in the past several decades and extends to professional training for caregivers that far exceeds what was once available. At Thrive Senior Living we want to know everything we can to best serve our residents so each of our memory care team members received certified memory care training.

Our training and experience make our team members experts in personalized memory care. We continually work with each other, outside health professionals, residents, and their families to carefully craft individualized care plans that empower each resident to remain independent, make appropriate choices and pursue purposeful lives.


Download our “Memory Care” guide.


Accessibility throughout

One important aspect of personalized memory care that families may underestimate is accessibility. Memory loss doesn’t affect only memory, but over time may also pose physical challenges as well. For this reason, accessibility is an essential aspect of our personalized memory care communities, from our comfortable apartments to community spaces indoors and outdoors. As noted in our blog, “What Does “Memory Care” Really Mean?” the ability to safely navigate a memory care community enhances the life of every resident who can participate in a range of activities, receive therapies, and spend quality time with new friends and family, rather than being alone.

Around-the-clock security

When a loved one with memory loss wanders away from home, many families quickly realize they need to provide a higher level of security; something that is often costly and sometimes impossible. But at Thrive, security is a given. Our personalized memory care communities are equipped with security measures designed with resident safety in mind, whether in their apartments or out and about the community.

But as described in our blog, “How Memory Care Enriches the Lives of Its Residents” we believe the well-being of our residents extends further than just accessibility. Our personalized memory care includes a structured environment that helps residents build important routines, meals designed to meet their special nutritional needs, hands-on help with daily tasks, professional transportation, and a variety of therapies that enable and support independence.

Emphasis on social engagement

Memory loss can quickly isolate a loved one, stripping away the personal contact that is so important to their mental and physical health. In fact, according to the apa.org article, “The risks of social isolation,” research has found that isolation is actually a risk factor for cognitive decline, even in people who have not been diagnosed with memory loss.

At Thrive Senior Living, we make socialization a priority so our residents do not have to suffer the physical and mental impacts that come with isolation. Our comprehensive personalized memory care programs keep residents engaged with others because we know this enables them to reach their greatest potential. Unlike “nursing homes” of the past, modern memory care communities are bustling and active places that offer daily activities like exercise and crafting classes, fun games, planned entertainment, seasonal events, and trips to local venues. For a more in-depth look at what to expect from our personalized memory care, check out our blog, “What a Day in the Life of a Memory Care Resident Is Like.”

Although a move to memory care may be difficult, Thrive Senior Living’s professionals stand ready to help. When struggling with the decision, take a moment to download our “Memory Care” guide, then contact us to schedule a tour of one of our beautiful communities.