Making A Smooth Transition To Senior Communities In Bergen County NJ

There are several helpful steps to make a smooth transition to senior living communities in Bergen County NJ. Moving to a new senior community can sometimes be a challenging and complex process. With so many different options, services, and styles available, residents can easily get overwhelmed. Thankfully, the entire process can be new, fun, and exciting for everyone involved when you have the right help! Whether you are planning a move for yourself or a loved family member, Thrive at Montvale offers plenty of comfortable amenities, luxurious conveniences, and thoughtful touches to help you get settled in your luxury apartment. In this post, we discuss how to make a smooth, simple transition to senior communities in Bergen County NJ.

Make Your New Space Feel Like Home

First off, think of creative ways to make your Bergen County senior community feel just like home. Decorate with family photos, nostalgic items and meaningful objects to re-create the comfortable, welcoming environment of home – think about items that bring you the most joy as you transition to your new private apartment. Thrive Senior Living did their research and  spent time talking to the local residents to find out what was most important to them when designing the community. Our senior community in Bergen County is carefully adorned with wide-open spaces, bright windows, and luxurious amenities to make it the perfect place to call home.

Get Involved In Activities & Events

Next, getting involved in fun activities is a great way to keep your mind sharp and body active. Of course, participating in life-enriching, fulfilling activities can help to make your senior community transition as smooth as possible. Thrive offers a wide variety of group activities, clubs, and events. Even more, you can partake in exercise classes in our social court, relax in the community dining hall with friends or become a member of our garden club and enjoy the greenhouse.  Here, you can mingle with your neighbors, meet new people, and build long-lasting connections. This is perfect for anyone looking to stay active and build a daily routine. At Thrive at Montvale, there are always fun, exciting, and engaging activities happening.

Connect With Others

Connecting with others will help make the transition to an independent living community much less intimidating. At the Montvale property, there’s so many ways to get out, meet people, and make new friends. Start to get to know your neighbors by enjoying chef-prepared breakfasts, lunches, or dinners together. Of course, meals are always a great time to connect with the community! You can also grab a drink at the wine bar or pub. Afterwards, mix and mingle at the Convivium Coffee Company and enjoy a gelato with friends or stop by the movie theater for a flick. Meet new people and create long-lasting friendships at one of the top senior communities in Bergen County.

Schedule Time With Family

Of course, you will feel much more comfortable in your senior community with your family around. Seeing familiar faces is so important when making the transition to a new home. Schedule regular visits with your children, grandchildren, and siblings as you prepare to move. You may even want to reach out to close friends and extended family as you get settled into your new luxury senior community. Then, make sure to create a calendar with all the upcoming dates and times – this will help you better track when your family is stopping by to visit you in your luxury senior apartment. If you opt for an upscale, two-bedroom floor plan, you will even have room for company to stay over!


You are officially ready to celebrate the new transition to your new luxury senior community. Throw a party once you are settled in. Invite your closest family and friends, so it will feel extra special. Now, you can feel excited about having a new place for everyone to visit. This will give everyone a great opportunity to see your new space, tour the community, and meet your neighbors. You can even introduce your guests to Thrive’s expert, caring team. Celebrating the new move will definitely help you get situated in your new senior community!

By following a few simple steps, Bergen County residents can make a fairly smooth transition to luxury senior communities. Start off by decorating with thoughtful touches, conveniences, and joyful objects to make your space feel like home. Next, get involved with some popular community activities and events. Of course, connecting with others will make the new move much less intimidating. Additionally, schedule regular visits with your children, grandchildren, and friends. Now, you are officially ready to celebrate the move to your new community. Follow the steps highlighted above and you’ll have a smooth, simple transition to senior communities in Bergen County NJ.