Come To Live Here.

We believe that if a community’s focus is strictly on care, they don’t care enough. At Thrive at Montvale, great care is just a by-product of bigger and better things.

Come To Live Here.

Community Opens Spring 2022
Now Accepting Deposits!

From the beginning, we envisioned a community designed less around senior living and more around – well… living! We envisioned a place that would not only draw people in, but together.

Welcome to Thrive at Montvale. Located just off the Garden State Parkway and nearby the serene Lake Tappan.

From the second your foot crosses the threshold of the front door, you will see we have pushed the “senior living design” theory. It’s a place anyone would want to live in regardless of age or ability.

Likely our favorite feature – if it was possible to actually choose just one – is that Thrive at Montvale is introducing the invention of the Social Court. To give perspective – the Social Court is an enormous, interior greenspace that is nearly two-thirds the size of a standard football field. We won’t be hosting Jets or Giants games there, but you better believe we will be hosting watch parties. Physical distancing won’t even cross your mind with how spacious this spot is. The social court allows natural light to flood the interior of the building, but perhaps more importantly, it enables vibrant outdoor social connectivity for people to gather.

Take a look inside and you’ll find vaulted ceilings and modern farmhouse finishes that honor the Bergen County traditions of old. The Convivium Coffee Co. will feature daily craft coffee on brew and gelato for your daily sweet-tooth fix. Keep exploring and you’ll find a theater that seats 75 and a library that gives the Bodleian a run for its money. Four different dining venues allow for a grab-and-go meal or a seated entree that would make Wolfgang Puck stand up and cheer.

Oh, and you are going to want to invite the grandkids. There is a play area just off the café where we used native boulders, ropes, and slides to keep them entertained. We truly believe the best part of your life starts the moment you move in here!

When it comes to innovation in senior living, we didn’t follow the blueprint – we wrote the book.

Meet the Team.

Briana Stewart
Thrive Market Lead

Compassion coordinator. Team player. Dachshund mom. Married to a silver fox. Fermented grape connoisseur. Vibrant virtuoso. Lifestyle blogger. Dolly devotee.

Ryan Pro
Community Relations Lead

What We Offer: Independent Living, Assisted Living & Memory Care


We have three living options under one roof.

Independent Living is for our active residents who are looking to downsize (or right-size, as we like to call it) or find a close-knit community of friends and neighbors. You can “choose your own adventure” and take part in our exhaustive list of daily social events or retreat to the peaceful confines of your private suite.

Assisted Living is for people who value their independence and are competently in charge of their lives, but need some extra assistance with daily activities. Our kick-butt (pardon our French) team members are on call 24/7 to offer as much (or as little) help as you need.

Memory Care is for those who are living with some form of memory loss. Every member of the Thrive at Montvale team is NIDE (National Institute for Dementia Education) certified. This includes everyone from the chefs and housekeepers to the concierge and nurses. In a nutshell, it means we know what the heck we’re doing. And it means everyone on our team is trained to treat residents like people, not patients.

(Thrive partners with outside healthcare providers to enhance our overall community experience. Though these partners align with our core healthcare practices and philosophies to provide the best level of care for our residents, these partners may not require NIDE certification like our Thrive team members.)

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