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Come along as we navigate the senior living journey together! Join our Chief Storyteller, Steven Farrell, as he sits down with our leading industry experts with over 50 years of combined experience helping families navigate the senior living journey, including independent living, assisted living, and memory care.

Why Listen?

We understand that making the decision to move to a senior living community can be confusing and fraught with many challenges. We are here to help you make the best and most informed decision for you or your loved one. Whether you are just starting to look or are ready to choose a community, we provide valuable insights and helpful tips to make the journey as smooth as possible.

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Episode 1: How to know when it’s time to consider senior living.

Join us as our Chief Storyteller, Steven Farrell, sits down with our VP of Sales and Operations, Michelle Anderson, to discuss: How to know when it’s time to consider senior living.

Michelle has been helping families for over 20 years navigate the senior living journey. In our first episode, Michelle shares the importance of understanding that everyone’s life story is different and unique to them and that making the decision to consider senior living is no exception. She offers insightful information on:

• When you should ideally start planning for senior living.
• When to consider independent living or assisted living.
• Dispelling the senior living stigma.
• What a senior living community offers including socialization, nutrition, activities, medication management, independence, safety, and more.
• to look for in a senior living community.
• Why you shouldn’t wait to consider senior living.
• The benefits of a memory care community.

Episode 2: Building community is at the heart of senior living.

We sit down with our SVP of Operations, Tate Stewart, to discuss: Building community is at the heart of senior living.

Tate supports the leadership teams in the Thrive communities, ensuring they have the tools and resources they need to have thriving residents and team members. Prior to his current role, Tate was the President of Thrive at Brow Wood for two years, where he grew the community to 100% occupancy.

Many older adults think they have what they need to maintain a quality life at home; however, for the majority, they end up doing without… without good nutrition, without social interactions, without doctors’ appointments, without care, and more – by doing without, this can increase their speed of decline and decrease their overall wellbeing. Moving to a senior living community can ensure older adults get proper nutrition, socialization, care & support, exercise, and are living quality lives. In our second episode, Tate walks us through what it means to build “community” in senior living including:

• Access to all services
• Partnerships with outside resources
• Complexity of the aging process and senior living
• The importance of relationships
• Resident-focused culture and team
• Technology’s role in the community
• The future of senior living

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