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Come To Live Here.

We believe that if a community’s focus is strictly on care, they don’t care enough. At Grace Manor Port Orange, great care is just a by-product of bigger and better things.

Come To Live Here.

The idea of the traditional old age home has officially been retired (nobody missed it anyway). Grace Manor Port Orange, in the heart of Port Orange, just off Highway 421, is based on a better proposition: what if senior living wasn’t an end, but simply a new chapter of life, filled with exciting opportunities to keep growing, learning, and making new friends? The new friends come right away…they’re the Grace Manor team members. Each sees value in your Elder’s life (if they didn’t, well, they couldn’t work here). What’s your pleasure…relaxing in our outdoor courtyard, taking a walk on our scenic nature trail…or maybe shopping, taking a field trip, or meeting new friends for coffee? All in a bright and safe environment. Come visit us. Traditional senior living is over the hill and thank goodness for that.

Meet the Team.

Thrive team members (employees) come to work each day to build long lasting friendships with our Elders. Many of our key leaders bring valuable experience to our industry from other fields. Simply put, our leaders believe that if we treat our team well, they will, in turn, love our residents well.

Heather White
Market President

Trailblazer. Nature lover. People builder. Agent for change. Winemaker. Future marathon star.

Bobbi Lynch
Community Relations Director

Human connector. Visionary. Wife to Dan. Grandmother to Nolan and Maddie. Passionate cook. Amateur psychologist.

Caryn Lauver
Vice President of Resident Experience

Captain of the ship. Guardian of goodness. Fire Marshal. Sun soaker. Retired ballerina. Mom of three.

What We Offer: Assisted Living & Memory Care


We have two living options under one roof.

Assisted Living is ideal for residents who value their independence, but may need assistance with daily activities. Our community team members are raving fans of encouraging independence with assistance readily accessible at all times of day.

Memory Care is for our Elders who are living with some form of memory loss. Every member of the Grace Manor Port Orange team is NIDE (National Institute for Dementia Education) certified. That includes everyone from the chefs and housekeepers to the concierge and nurses. The education allows us to interact with our memory care residents as unique individuals rather than objects in need of care. Residents are engaged with the goal of helping them recapture moments of memories and the recognition of loved ones.

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