7 Benefits of Downsizing to Senior Living

Downsizing is something many adults do every time they move. For older adults who have lived in the same home for decades, downsizing to senior living — or “rightsizing” as we call it at Thrive — is a great way to prepare for the many benefits of a senior living community. Rather than procrastinate about downsizing to senior living, consider all the benefits that await!

1) Less to move — When moving to a smaller space, less is best. Comparing layouts and square footage will help assess what will fit, what will not, and what is needed versus what isn’t. From the basement to closets to attics and garages, rightsizing to the new space can help older adults get organized and realize that a new senior living home can also be a comfortable and welcoming home. And the less you have to move, the less you have to pay. Before beginning downsizing to senior living, get tips from the pros at whereyoulivematters.org in the blog, “The Upside of Downsizing: Tips for Seniors.”

2) Pass along family heirlooms — Downsizing to senior living also gives older adults the chance to pass precious possessions along to loved ones. The best part of doing this when downsizing is that it offers older adults the pleasure of watching the recipient enjoy and appreciate the gift while they are still alive, rather than leaving it in a will. It also offers peace of mind knowing that things won’t go missing or end up with the wrong person after they are gone. To understand what family heirlooms are most precious, the familyeducation.com blog, “The Ultimate List of Family Heirlooms to Pass Down to Your Kids One Day,” is a great place to start.

3) Reduce storage costs — Family homes provide plenty of space for piling up possessions. Many adults think “I’ll just put it in the basement until someone needs it.” In truth, however, basements are full of good intentions that have since turned into worthless objects. Moreover, items like old exercise equipment, boxes of books and piles of games will no longer be needed since senior living includes amenities like exercise facilities, game rooms and libraries in the package. So, when downsizing to senior living keep the cost of storage in mind. According to the msn.com article, “How Much Do Storage Units Cost? (2022)” the national average monthly cost ranges from $60 to $225. Even though many senior living communities provide some extra storage space, it’s better to minimize and save time, energy, and money.

4) Give new life to old stuff — It’s often said that “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” so make the most of downsizing to senior living by giving new life to that which is no longer wanted but still useful. When sorting through possessions, create areas for trash, items for charity or a garage sale, and another for recycling. Items that no longer work or are broken may still be recycled and almost anything that isn’t worn out can be donated or sold. In many cases, charities will even pick up donations. For help finding a charity, the move.org blog, “5 Charities That Pick Up Your Donations” is a great resource.

5) A decluttered new home — Downsizing to senior living means there will be much less clutter, which makes a home much safer. As things pile up, paths through a home can become clogged, posing a risk to older adults who may trip and fall. It also may become more difficult for older adults to remove clutter due to weight. When downsizing to senior living, abolish clutter before the move so the new home is clutter free and safe. Make decluttering easier by following the tips in thesimplicityhabit.com blog, “Decluttering for Seniors: The Best Tips to Make Downsizing Easier.”

6) Freedom from home maintenance — Senior living is a maintenance-free lifestyle so downsizing to senior living should also include all the equipment that will no longer be needed. For example, lawn mowers and other large lawn and garden equipment, cans of paint and stain, and tools used for home repair and upkeep like saws and ladders should be on the list. These can be advertised for sale, sold in a garage sale, or given to a family member who is a first-time homeowner. 

7) A fresh start — A move to a senior living community offers an opportunity to start fresh and live that long-dreamed-of carefree life. Since senior living offers all and more of the amenities of home, aim for rightsizing by taking everything you want and need, but no more. It will quickly become evident how much more enjoyable life can be when not weighed down by mountains of “stuff” anymore!

At Thrive Senior Living, we work hard to provide a safe and fun lifestyle for our residents. Learn how to make the move by contacting us for more about housing and amenities.

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