Surefire Ways to Make New Friends in Senior Living

A move to senior living opens the door to so many new opportunities and one of the best is meeting new people and making new friends. But for some seniors, making friends in senior living can be difficult, especially if they are used to living alone. The truth is, however, it’s actually easy to make friends in senior living where everyone was new once and residents have so much in common. Rather than worrying about how to make friends in senior living, take a look at surefire ways to make it happen.

Let team members help – The first few days in a senior living community can be daunting but keep in mind that team members know this and are always ready to help. At Thrive Senior Living, we understand that a big part of a fulfilling life for our residents is having a purpose and being part of a thriving community. We know making friends in senior living is harder for some than others and we will always go the extra mile to help residents feel welcome, build relationships, and start living their best lives. That’s why we start out on day one with our Landing Day Program to help our new residents quickly feel welcome and at home. Find out more about how Thrive team members can help in our blog, “Making New Friends in Assisted Living.”

Exercise regularly – One easy way to make friends in senior living is to exercise regularly. Seeing the same faces in the fitness center or in an exercise class will often lead to introductions and eventually relationships and friendships. Working out with another person or in a group can also help make exercise more fun and is a natural way to meet others of like mind and with similar goals. Once the ice is broken, exercise becomes less of a chore and more of a social event and something to look forward to. For more tips on making friends through exercise, check out the blog, “Group Fitness: The Key to Making Friends as an Adult.”

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Get out and about – Upscale senior living communities like Thrive offer a broad range of social activities and events designed to bring residents together for fun and camaraderie. Whether in independent living, assisted living or memory care, residents can take advantage of diverse opportunities to join with each other and make friends in senior living. 

For example, take a class to learn something new, share in local entertainment or other events, or join a club to share a hobby or other interest. In very little time, new relationships will evolve into friendships and a happier and healthier life. This socialization is not only fun but helps banish isolation as described in our blog, “We’re Better Together.”

Volunteer – In retirement, many seniors find they finally have time to do something to help others through volunteering. At Thrive we know our residents have so much to offer others, but we also know they have so much to gain as well. Being a volunteer helps even shy people come out of their shell, meet others and be a part of something bigger than themselves. Along the way, they also will easily make friends in senior living without even trying. At Thrive we help residents find local volunteer opportunities or seniors can try the possibilities at

Smile 🙂 – All humans have at least one thing in common that sends the same positive message in every country and culture – the smile! A smile welcomes others and invites conversation and caring. Seniors who want to make friends in senior living will find that a smile makes them more attractive and approachable and often elicits a smile from others, starting a very positive chain reaction. But there are even more benefits to be found in smiling that include better moods, lower stress, and even a longer life. Of course, a smile can also lead to laughter, something everyone knows is the best medicine! Learn more about all the benefits of a simple smile in the blog, “Top 10 Reasons to Smile Every Day.”

For older adults it is easy to make friends in senior living and at Thrive Senior Living we know our residents have many that will last a lifetime. For more about choosing the right senior living community, download our Family Decision Guide. Learn more about our communities, housing choices and amenities by contacting us today!

Thrive Family Decision Toolkit Guide