Making New Friends in Assisted Living

As much as we love jamming out to Step By Step by NKOTB…

Actually, being the new kid on the block can be challenging. When moving into assisted living, it’s key for new residents to be able to make new friends and to get to know the community. While transitioning to assisted living takes time and everyone needs to go at their own pace, getting to know other active older adults, as well as the team members at Thrive, can only help to make the transition easier!

There are plenty of ways to introduce yourself and to be welcomed into your new community as senior living providers know how important it is to stay actively engaged and maintain socialization. Isolation, after all, can hinder older adults, and with so many caring individuals and events surrounding you, there’s plenty of reasons to step out and join in. 

While moving into a community means getting acclimated to a new environment, routines, and faces –  it’s also important to remember that everyone has been in your shoes… other residents were once new to the community themselves. If you’re not sure where to begin, keep these pointers and ideas in mind as you get to know new neighbors and team members at Thrive.

Welcoming new residents: Landing Day 

At Thrive, we know that first impressions mean everything. That’s why we go out of our way to make sure new residents feel welcome, comfortable, and happy the moment they walk through the front doors with our Landing Day Program. We literally roll out the red carpet for you and design the day to exceed your expectations from the very start.

After the warm welcome from the team, there are plenty of activities for new residents that offer a great way to meet your neighbors, learn more about Thrive’s team and activities, and strike up conversations with newfound friends. We created Coffee & Conversations to do just that – it’s a monthly event hosted by the Community President for new residents to come together and get to know one another. Here, our Resident Ambassadors are ready to share some of their favorite meals and activities to look forward to as well as share other tips on making the most of your new community and taking advantage of all of its amenities.

Meeting the team

To ensure you are acclimating well, all Leadership Directors visit with you one-on-one to personally welcome you and see how you are doing. The team is friendly, knowledgeable, and we care about helping you make the transition to assisted living as easy as possible! Our team members can also help introduce you to other residents, tour your new home, share the ins and outs of the community, and answer any additional questions you may have. While we want to ensure you meet your new best friends in the community and get to know your neighbors, we don’t want to discount the amazing relationships between Thrive team members and residents.  

Thriving tailored to you

The team members at Thrive work diligently to understand more than just your background and basic info; they want to get to know you on a personal level and to be able to “customize” your experience at Thrive – they call this “deep-knowing”. This means finding out more about what you enjoy or even what activities that you are passionate about but haven’t necessarily pursued lately. Now could be the time to reawaken former interests and hobbies!

By getting to know our residents on a deeper level, Thrive team members will also tailor activities to align with interests, passions, and forms of fun that everyone can enjoy through Thrive’s Pairing of Passions program. By finding residents who share a similar passion, we can work to pair up people to help them connect over shared interests. It’s a great way to help new residents get to know others in the community and to engage in activities, events, and clubs that create community-in-community. It’s one of Thrive’s social specialties, and we love incorporating new ideas, interests, and building new friendships.

Connections in common areas

Thrive’s communities offer plenty of common areas for residents to hang out, enjoy a meal, get fresh air, or join in on activities and classes. While everyone needs some time on their own to recharge and rest, spending time in common areas provides a natural way to get to know other residents. For example, joining a table with other residents in dining areas and sharing a meal together provides a wonderful way to get to know others. While it can take a little courage to approach an occupied table, we know you’ll be welcomed and won’t regret it!

If you want to meet new friends, you’ll have to make a presence! Common areas can be used to grab a novel and join in on book club, work together on a puzzle, watch everyone’s favorite TV show, or get some fresh air with others in the courtyard. In these spaces, residents regularly pass through and spend quality time with one another. Simply introducing yourself will go a long way – and at any stage in life, it’s always a great time to make new friends!

Staying in-touch

Maintaining your relationships outside the community are just as important as the connections you have inside the community. Invite family and friends to come see your new home, enjoy lunch in the dining room, and catch-up in one of many community spaces. Through the Landing Day experience, the team also ensures that the connection continues by reaching out to family members to keep them up to date on how you are settling into the community. Thrive encourages the balance of its residents building new relationships while also keeping in touch with family, friends, and the community at large – after all, we are all family!

If you haven’t yet visited Thrive’s communities, we welcome you to take a tour. You can schedule a tour with us or send any questions you might have beforehand by contacting our team.

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