What Is Assisted Living? Assisted Living Defined

Whether for yourself or a loved one, assisted living can be the perfect solution to maintaining an independent and healthy lifestyle in retirement. You may be wondering though, what is assisted living really like? The answer is that assisted living is like home but with many services and amenities that are hard to get at home. Here’s a rundown of what to expect from life in an assisted living community.

What is assisted living?

Care on your terms!

When you need more help at home it may be time to take a look at assisted living as an alternative. Assisted living provides exactly the type and amount of assistance you need when you need it without compromising your privacy or having to invite strangers into your home. Whether it is just help getting dressed, showering or managing medications, assisted living provides trained and compassionate team members to help you get the job done and retain your self-respect and independence. Also important is that the level of care you require can change quickly as your needs change so you always know someone is there to help day or night. Find out more in our blog, “Senior Living Care Options: A Look at Choices.”

Safe and secure!

It may take a few years of retirement to realize that living at home has some serious safety and security challenges. Your home, like most, is probably not designed for accessibility so you may struggle with stairs and steps, narrow hallways and doorways and other structural aspects. In addition, physical changes that occur during aging like failing eyesight and mobility concerns can also create more risks when trying to move safely within your home. Other problems arise when you live alone and run the risk of falling or otherwise becoming injured when no one is there to help.

Luxury assisted living communities like Thrive Senior Living provide high standards for safety and security because every facet of these communities is designed and built for accessibility, as well as comfort. Of course, life in assisted living also includes the constant presence of team members who are available when you call. Find out why your home may not be the safest choice in our blog, “How Safe Is Your Home for Aging in Place?

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When you ask yourself, “What is assisted living?” you might respond with “Too expensive!” In reality however, when you honestly compare apples to apples, you may well find the cost of assisted living is very comparable to living at home and may even be less expensive.

According to the Genworth 2021 “Cost of Care Survey,” when hiring a homemaker you can expect to pay an average of almost $5,000 for 44 hours per month and when a home health aide is needed, the cost is more than $5,000 for the same amount of help, all of which is in addition to all the costs of living at home.

Assisted living, however, provides housekeeping and 24/7/365 assistance, as well as chef-prepared meals, a private residence, all maintenance and repair, transportation, and plenty of fun and fulfilling activities and more to enjoy all for a single monthly fee. Still not sure? Check out our blog, “The Costs of Senior Living: How They Compare to Living at Home.”

Anything but lonely!

One of the least appreciated aspects of living at home is that as time goes by, the loss of friends, spouses and partners means more time spent alone. Add to that the loss of physical mobility and giving up driving and you may find that loneliness and isolation are an everyday fact of life. Not only can loneliness and isolation be sad and monotonous, they are also linked to health problems and may even shorten your life as described in our blog, “Combatting Senior Loneliness: Connectedness and Health Effects.”

In assisted living it is nearly impossible to feel either lonely or isolated because you become a part of a community of friends and peers who share your interests and memories and are always ready to join in a new adventure. With amenities like fitness centers, workshops and classes, games, movies and events, it’s a great place to age in place and find the perfect lifestyle to fit your needs and desires. Take an in-depth look at what’s in store in our blog, “5 Ways Today’s Senior Living Communities Have Changed for the Better.”

What is assisted living at Thrive Senior Living? Simply a wonderful place to enjoy a carefree and independent retirement with help always standing by and friends galore! Contact us today to learn more and schedule your tour. For more information on assisted living and other senior living care options, download our free guide: Senior Living Options: A Step by Step Guide for Making an Informed Decision.

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