Settling Into Your New Senior Living Home

When the move to a senior living home is over, it’s the time to embrace the new carefree lifestyle and all the opportunities that await! The first few days in a senior living community set the stage for a fun and vibrant future in a place where everything is centered around making life better for residents. Take a look at what to expect when settling into a new senior home.

Make yourself at home

Every move represents a new beginning, and a move to a senior living apartment means a new chance to make yourself feel at home. At Thrive Senior Living we celebrate the diverse tastes and personalities of our residents and encourage them to decorate their apartments to reflect their very unique styles. Hanging drapes, displaying art and family photos, and arranging furniture just so, are all parts of the process that make an apartment a home. For more great senior living home decorating ideas check out our blog, “Decorating Senior Living Apartments: Tips for Success.”

Embrace the community

One of the greatest gifts of senior living is being a part of an active and energetic community. Residents of a new senior living home have more opportunities than ever to meet new people, make new friends and get involved. At Thrive Senior Living we understand that not everyone is a social butterfly, and we make it our goal to help introduce new residents to others so they can integrate at their own speed and enjoy all the activities and amenities available. To ease into the routine, our blog, “Surefire Ways to Make New Friends in Senior Living,” offers great tips to help.

Thrive Family Decision Toolkit Guide

Explore fine dining

Mealtime is a special event at Thrive Senior Living. It’s all , about the residents gathering together to enjoy food and fellowship. We create a  fine dining experience where delicious and healthy chef-prepared gourmet meals are served by attentive and friendly team members. Many of our new senior living home residents feel more relaxed early on when sharing a meal or two with family and we encourage them to do so. But mealtime is also a great way to meet neighbors and other residents and begin building relationships. Not only is sharing a meal more fun than eating alone, it’s also better for your health! Find out how much better it really is in the Time article, “Why Eating Alone May Be Bad for You.”

Get into the swing of things

Many new senior living residents find that a new life deserves a new routine; one that is geared toward an active and healthy lifestyle. Perhaps starting each day with an exercise class or workout in the fitness center, followed by enjoying a book in the library. Then after lunch, join friends for arts and crafts or a cooking class and then relax with entertainment from local musicians. Among the many other amenities provided in a Thrive senior living community are the onsite hair salon and barbershop, movie theater, happy hours, lectures, clubs, transportation, and more. At Thrive we stand ready to assist every resident with fulfilling their passions and simply enjoying life to the fullest.

The “staycation” alternative

Not quite ready to move to a new senior living home? Try a “staycation” at Thrive where you can take the time needed to get to know us, our residents, and our community. Staycations at Thrive include all the benefits that our full-time residents enjoy without the long-term commitment. This is a great idea for those in recovery from surgery or for times when home caregivers need to take a break and recharge. Staycations offer seniors the chance to live and thrive, worry free!

Whether or not a move to a new senior living home is the right move can be hard to determine. For those who need help, download our complimentary “Family Decision Toolkit”, which offers comparisons, questions, and tips to help seniors and their families make the right choice. 

Life at Thrive Senior Living is designed to be a wonderful experience right from day one. To find out more about Thrive, our different communities and housing options, contact us  today!

Thrive Family Decision Toolkit Guide