Is Assisted Living Right for You? Questions to Ask Yourself

Are you or an older loved one needing some extra assistance in your daily life? Are you considering whether aging in place at home or moving to an assisted living community might be the best choice but don’t know how to decide? We’re here to help. Ask yourself these questions to help you make the best decision for you or your loved one.

Am I safe at home?

One of the most important questions to ask yourself concerns personal safety at home. Many homes are not designed for aging in place safely so there are several aspects to consider.

Beginning with fall hazards, does your home require going up and down steps and stairs to access bedrooms, laundry rooms and other essential living spaces? According to the article, “How to Tell If a Fall Down the Stairs Is Serious,” from 1990 to 2012 more than a million Americans sought emergency room care for falling down stairs, and older adults were among those most likely to be seriously injured.

Other serious safety concerns can be found in the bathroom where injuries are also common. According to the article, “Bathroom Falls and Injuries Among the Elderly – Most Common and How to Prevent Them,” the top fall risk is when getting in and out of the tub or shower. The second is from slippery surfaces, and third is when getting on or off the toilet.


These home safety concerns are minimized in assisted living communities where safety and care is a priority. Zero stair steps, plus bathrooms with walk-in showers, grab bars and elevated toilets are just a few of the safety features provided to help residents remain safe and independent. Get more answers to your assisted living questions in our blog, “We’ve Got Your Back: Safety & Security in a Senior Living Community.”

How healthy is my life at home?

Among the essential questions to ask is how healthy you are living at home? Getting enough exercise can become a challenge when it’s hard to get to the gym or take a walk by yourself.

Another health concern is medication mismanagement which can have disastrous results. Poor eyesight, memory lapses and confusion can cause medications to be taken incorrectly or not all.

Then there is the question of mental health which can cause you to become isolated and lack the social and cultural stimulation that helps keep seniors mentally sharp.

If this question rings true, take a look at what assisted living has to offer in our blog, “What Can You Expect in Assisted Living?” From a vibrant healthy lifestyle to help with medications and plenty of ways to socialize and stay engaged, assisted living communities like Thrive Senior Living offer a complete package for seniors who treasure their health.

Download our free guide: Senior Living Options: A Step by Step Guide for Making an Informed Decision.

Am I getting the help I need?

Aging often means needing help more often as time goes by. It may start out with family stopping by to do yard work or housekeeping but eventually you may find you need help getting dressed, bathing and tending to other personal hygiene routines.

Questions about daily care are all answered positively in a luxury senior living community like Thrive Senior Living because friendly and respectful team members are always available to lend a hand. Not only does this daily assistance keep you in top form, it also helps you retain your precious independence and pursue a fulfilling life. Find out more in our blog, “What Is Assisted Living? Assisted Living Defined.

I am I getting sufficient nourishment?

When shopping and cooking becomes a burden, nutrition often suffers. When this is the case, it’s time to ask yourself about your nutrition. Since nutritional needs change as you age, you may no longer be getting the right mix of calories, protein and vitamins and minerals as described in our blog, “Why Good Nutrition in Older Adults Is So Important and What It Might Mean When Overlooked.

Today’s high-end assisted living communities quickly counter questions about nutrition by providing chef-prepared meals that are not only crafted for senior nutrition but are as good or better than the best restaurants. No need to shop and cook, just sit down and enjoy!

Is transportation a problem?

When giving up driving, more questions center around how you can get where you want and need to go. Getting rides or taking public transportation are two solutions but they can be hard on family and unsafe when you travel alone.

Assisted living communities answer questions about transportation by offering free rides to local venues and appointments. It’s just one more way assisted living strives to make life easier, more carefree and much more independent than life at home. Get the facts in our blog, “Older Adults and Driving: The Facts, Risks, and Alternatives.

Thrive Senior Living offers a resort-like home where you can get exactly the care you need and stay healthy and independent. Contact us to schedule your tour today! Download our free guide: Senior Living Options: A Step by Step Guide for Making an Informed Decision.

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