Introverts and Senior Living: Why It’s a Surprisingly Good Fit

For those who consider themselves introverts, life in a senior living community may not seem like the best choice. But when you look a little deeper, it’s easy to see that introverts and senior living are a great fit for each other. Today’s senior living communities are perfect for introverts for many reasons, so read on to find out why.

Personal space – Everyone has the right to personal space, and the privacy afforded by a home can make introverts feel they can’t get that anywhere else. And then there is the myth that a move to senior living means giving up personal space, although nothing could be further from the truth.

In senior living, all residents are able to enjoy the personal space and privacy of their own apartments, and just like at home, can choose to invite (or not) anyone they like to visit. Residents can also decorate their apartments to fit their preferences so that it is every bit as comfortable and comforting as the family home, but without all the added responsibilities and costs of home ownership. For a look at more reasons introverts and senior living may go great together, check out our blog, “Senior Living Versus Staying at Home: Which is Best For You?

Safety and security – Introverts and senior living are well fitted for each other for another very important reason: 24/7/365 safety and security. Unlike living in a family home where safety can become a concern as time goes on, the best senior living communities like Thrive Senior Living are designed from the ground up to provide a safe and secure environment indoors and out.

Introverts and senior living are a perfect fit because there is no need to worry about stairs and steps, dark hallways, or accidents happening when alone. They and their families have the peace of mind that comes with total accessibility and, of course, team members are always available if needed to assist when problems arise. Learn more reasons home might not be the safest place to enjoy retirement in our blog, “How Safe Is Your Home for Aging in Place?

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Lifestyle options – Today’s luxury senior living communities pride themselves on their lifestyle choices, which are crafted to offer as little or as much as residents want to enjoy. Introverts and senior living are well matched simply because residents have so many ways to enhance their lives when and if they want, but without any pressure ever.

For example, introverts often prefer smaller groups of close friends, quiet time alone, and activities that are fulfilling without being overwhelming. Each day offers new choices, activities, entertainment, and classes so residents can pick and choose what is best for them without explanation. Our blog, “Boredom Busters: Top Amenities to Expect from Today’s Senior Living Communities,” looks at a range of options from which to choose.

Just the right level of care – One very important reason introverts and senior living are compatible is that they can get the exact amount of care they need without sacrificing privacy and autonomy. Each resident in assisted living can specify what type of help they require and when it is needed, so team members are on hand as defined. Unlike living at home and having to burden family or invite a stranger into the home, the care in assisted living is provided by professionals who take the time to understand each resident’s needs and preferences while respecting their personal space. To better understand the options, our blog “When At-Home Care Is and Isn’t a Good Choice for Seniors,” can help.

Excellent nutrition – Growing older means nutritional needs change and senior living communities take nutrition very seriously, just one more way introverts and senior living go well together. Introverts may prefer to spend time alone and not want to bother others, and this can mean they aren’t getting all the nutrition they need. In senior living, chef-prepared meals are made with fresh and wholesome ingredients to be both delicious and healthy. And special dietary needs are easily accommodated as well. This is just one of the many ways modern senior living has changed as described in our blog, “Senior Living Communities Today: Not What They Once Were!

Introverts and senior living are a better fit than ever before and Thrive Senior Living is a community that welcomes everyone to live the life they enjoy most. Download our free decision-making guide, Staying Home vs. Senior Living: Should You Stay or Should You Go? Learn more about Thrive’s communities, housing choices and amenities by contacting us today!

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