Choosing the Right Senior Living Lifestyle: Four Things to Consider

Retiring at home can be a great idea, especially early on when your health is great, driving is still possible, and you can still care for yourself and your home without a lot of help. But looking to the future is a good idea when deciding which senior living lifestyle is best for you. Rather than wait and see, take a look at four ways today’s senior living communities may offer the perfect senior living lifestyle for you.

1. An active lifestyle

Staying active both physically and mentally is essential to a long and happy retirement. When retiring at home there are plenty of things like mowing the lawn, cleaning the garage, housekeeping, cleaning out the gutters, and so on that may be a source of exercise. And for mental exercise, there’s always computer games, puzzles, reading, and other things you can do alone. But if that wasn’t quite what you had in mind for retirement, the senior living lifestyle might be more up your alley.

The senior living lifestyle offers a variety of activities like fitness classes, yoga, playing games with friends indoors and outdoors, taking walks in a safe and well-groomed neighborhood, enjoying entertainment and guest speakers, and pursuing your own passions, to name a few. Combined, the senior living lifestyle offers a well-rounded schedule of daily events and things to do to stay active and healthy.

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2. Social opportunities

Living at home can be very isolating for seniors, which can have a number of negative health impacts like depression, anxiety, hypertension, heart disease and stroke. And just being alone and lonely can make the days seem endless and hard to fill with meaningful engagement. And of course, as time goes on, friends move or pass away so maintaining relationships can become more difficult than ever.

The senior living lifestyle, however, is designed to provide residents with a variety of ways they can make new friends, join social circles, and never be alone, unless by choice. From fine-dining to classes and outings, there are so many options for rebuilding social connections that residents can pick and choose what and who they prefer.

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Senior Living Options Guide

3. Care choices

At some point most seniors realize they can no longer do everything they need to do for themselves and their homes. When that time comes, many depend upon family and friends to step up and lend a hand, which is great as long as it’s consistent and available. When it isn’t, life can quickly overwhelm a senior living at home.

That’s when the senior living lifestyle really shines! Whether a senior needs a little daily help with dressing and housekeeping in an Assisted Living community or the more expanded security Memory Care communities offer seniors living with memory loss, the senior living lifestyle is flexible and can accommodate many levels of care that families and friends would find truly challenging.

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4. Nutritional requirements

One of the greatest hurdles for seniors living at home is getting the nutrition they need to remain healthy and well-nourished. Among the many complicating factors are special dietary needs, problems chewing and swallowing food, getting to the store to buy groceries, preparing meals, and simply the loss of appetite from depression or illness. Any or all can wreak havoc on a senior’s diet and impact their overall health.

Nutrition, however, is a priority in the senior living lifestyle. Today’s senior living communities have ramped up dining to a whole new level of elegance with chef-prepared meals served in beautiful dining rooms and made to order for those on specific diets. No worries about shopping, cooking, or cleaning up, just sit down and enjoy sumptuous meals with friends!

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Senior living care options are better than ever before and at Thrive Senior Living, our goal is to serve and care for each individual with compassion and respect. To learn more, download our Senior Living Options guide. Learn more about Thrive’s communities, housing choices and amenities by contacting us today!

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