Make the Right Choice for Your Loved One: Memory Care Questions to Ask

When a loved one faces dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, they don’t do it alone. Families are often tasked with their care and safety, something that can quickly become an overwhelming responsibility. For many families, however, the best solution for them and their loved one is a memory care community. It can be a daunting task to find the right memory care community, though. When beginning the search, start with these memory care questions to ask.

Memory care questions to ask

#1 – Are team members appropriately trained in dementia care?

People with memory loss are a special group who require specialized and professional care, so the first memory care question to ask is “What type of training do team members have?” While some memory care communities provide team members that are caring and compassionate but do not receive specialized training, at Thrive Senior Living we take it to the highest level by requiring that all of our memory care team members – from the kitchen to maintenance to caregivers and management, have specialized training which means everyone is on board with providing the best possible care anywhere.

#2 – Do residents receive special therapies?

Another of the essential memory care questions to ask is, “What, if any, therapies do residents receive?” As research into memory loss and diseases like Alzheimer’s continues, experts are finding that specific therapeutic interventions can provide exceptional results with retaining a sense of well-being, managing day-to-day activities and lowering the risk of depression and anxiety associated with dementia. Rather than living day-to-day in a world that has become too much to handle, memory care residents and team members work together to maximize abilities and stay independent as long as possible. Find out more in the article, “Treatments For Dementia.”

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#3 – How are memory care residents kept safe from wandering?

One of the biggest reasons families look to memory care for help is that they have experienced an episode of wandering, a common symptom of memory loss. According to the article, “Wandering,” people with memory loss may wander away from home for many reasons including thinking they need to go to work or they may be trying to get home even when they were there in the first place. When wandering occurs, a loved one may not dress appropriately, may become confused and lost, and may get hurt or worse.

To ensure a loved one’s safety, be sure one of the memory care questions to ask is “What safeguards are in place to prevent wandering?” including outside doors that can only be opened by team members, personal monitoring devices, and adequate team members to provide oversight, manage medications and keep them safe 24/7/365.

#4 – What activities can residents participate in?

Many families worry that their loved one will not have any quality of life and just sit around bored and confused. But nothing could be farther from the truth in the best memory care communities. That makes it imperative to include “What will my loved one be doing all day?” on your list of memory care questions to ask.

At Thrive Senior Living, we take the bull by the horns and provide a range of fun, healthy and entertaining activities for our memory care residents all of which are designed to enhance and promote quality of life. For example, we know regular exercise is essential, as are engaging activities like arts and crafts, brain games and lively entertainment via local performers. We also take the time to make sure everyone is included and feel they belong and are welcome. It’s all part of a greater plan to help memory care residents live their best life and enjoy it! Learn more about what to expect in our blog, “What Does “Memory Care” Really Mean?

#5 – How is nutrition prioritized?

A diagnosis of dementia doesn’t mean a loved one has lost their appetite for good food or that excellent nutrition is no longer a concern. Quite the opposite actually. That’s why another of the key memory care questions to ask should be “How important are nutrition and meal quality?”

At Thrive Senior Living we know nutrition is not only essential to overall health but that it may also help residents maintain weight and muscle mass and help with some vitamin deficiencies which may also be complicit in cognitive impairment, as noted in the article, “Dementia From Nutritional Deficiencies.” That’s why we make meals nutritious and delicious and can provide for special dietary needs to make sure everyone eats well every day.

Memory loss is difficult for everyone but the best memory care communities can help take the burden and fears away, while keeping residents as healthy and independent as possible. When you have memory care questions to ask, contact our professionals for expert help. For more information on memory care and other senior living care options, download our free guide: Senior Living Options: A Step by Step Guide for Making an Informed Decision.

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