What Our Residents Are Thankful For

Grateful for every moment and those yet to come.

Our residents are a part of our family, and this holiday season we want to celebrate them by sharing the wisdom they impart to us.

As we laugh, dance, and even bake cookies together, they provide us with inspiration for all that we do. So we asked them to give us insight into what makes a grateful life.

Their stories have given us a greater perspective, and we think they’ll do the same for you.

How do you stay focused on gratitude throughout the year?

“I try to show appreciation to people who have done something nice for me. When the pandemic started, and we were all getting quarantined and people were reluctant to go out, the people at the Publix market here… they all came to work and Publix never closed! And, to show my gratitude I selected randomly five people at Publix and gave them each some money as a thank you.”

Frank Bell

Thrive on Skidaway

“I think it goes back to my childhood. My father was a storyteller, and he had a wonderful little life lesson he would tell. He would take a spoon and balance it on his finger. He would say, ‘The main object of life is to maintain a sensible reaction to whatever happens. If something bad happens, don’t get mad. Do something about it!’ So, it is easy to remain grateful when you keep a sensible reaction to your circumstances.”

Stephen Byers

Thrive at Brow Wood

“Always count your blessing and be grateful for the small things. Concentrate on the good because the bad is only temporary.”

Shirley Krivisky

Thrive at Beachwalk

What piece of advice would you pass on to the next generation when it comes to gratitude or kindness?

“I think be thankful for what your parents and loved ones have done for you and return something for those blessings that they have passed on to you. And don’t expect to be waited on, you need to do your own thing!”

Marilyn Britten

Thrive on Skidaway

“Try to help your friends whenever they need it, giving back, and just being there for your friends. Participate in giving!”

Sheila Garvey

Thrive on Skidaway

“Gratitude is about being thankful for each moment and living life to the fullest.”

June Brown

Thrive at Frederica

“As a kid, gratitude can be hard. We just think that things are given to us… but good parents instill in their kids that gratitude is simple courtesy – it’s the key to a meaningful life!”

Mr. Montgomery

Thrive at Augusta

“Be thankful for everything you have.”

Sandy Bicksler

Thrive at Jones Farm

What’s the one thing you’ve learned this year for which you are most thankful?

“I’m thankful for the Lord and that he loaned me my two sons so that I could raise them. I love my sons and am grateful for them.”

Gloria Bevill

Thrive at Brow Wood

“It’s taught me that you can’t go it alone. You need others to walk with you and that hold you up and share!”

Ms. Payne

Thrive at Augusta

In what ways has your gratitude changed as you have grown older?

“We are able to look back on our lives and see all the things that we can be grateful for.”
Rusty & Millie Jensen

“I have been married to my wonderful wife for 66 years and have been lucky enough to enjoy so many good friends, read so many good books, satisfy my ambition to be a builder, enjoy the luxury of living in the United States, and have a wonderful family – especially three great-grandchildren.”

Rusty Jensen

Thrive at Frederica

“My husband, Rusty, is the most kind and caring person I have ever known and I love him more than I ever thought I could love anyone. I feel sorry for all the women who are not married to him!”

Millie Jensen

Thrive at Frederica

“I am more happy with my life as I have grown older even though I realize I might need more help at times. At Thrive, everyone is always willing to help me with whatever I need and for that I am grateful!”

Pat Bernard

Thrive at Frederica

“I am much more aware of life’s small, wonderful things. I appreciate how everyone’s journey is unique. I am thankful not for the destination, but the many stories and friends I have gained along the way.”

Barbara Weinberg

Thrive at Beachwalk

“You realize that older people have an important place in this world; I respect older people more!”

Elizabeth Brown

Thrive at Jones Farm

What are you most grateful for?

“I really appreciate the interesting company and the friendships I have formed here. I love the time together, and I enjoy retiring to my apartment after dinner and watching classic movies.”

Betty Register

Thrive at Green Island

“Oh, I don’t know. Um – I’m here!”

Mr. Tobakos

Thrive at Augusta

“I’m grateful to be a happy person – life is wonderful and I’ve met wonderful people here! Thrive is my home away from home.”

Ms. Mulherin

Thrive at Augusta

“I’m grateful for new friends, caring team members, those who try to make things as nice as possible for us.”

Lynn Huey

Thrive at Green Island

“Having a successful marriage; we’ve been married 84 years!”  – Frank

“No no, 64. Always seems like 84. Haha!” –  Helen

“That’s what happens when you get to a certain age! I tell people the main reason I know why we have been happily married for 64 years is that Helen lets me do everything she wants to do.” – Frank

“He’s very wise!” – Helen

Frank and Helen Schiesser

Thrive at Georgian Lakeside

“I am grateful to have been born to the parents I was. My mother and father, along with their extended families were wonderful people. We were a working-class family, and we did not have many extras, yet I was rich.”

Will Hudson

Thrive at Green Island

What is the key to a more grateful life?

“Always appreciate what you have and when times get down, find the good things to help pick you up – because tomorrow is a new day!”

Barbara Sharp

Thrive on Skidaway

“I’m grateful for my ambition. Don’t close yourself off because you’ll get ideas from all around when you have a plan and are ambitious.”

Pat Woodhull

Thrive at Georgian Lakeside