What’s It Like To Move To Independent Living Near Essex County NJ

Today, more and more active older adults are making the move to independent living as an exciting, rewarding lifestyle choice. At Thrive at Montvale, we provide a broad range of activities and amenities to help you live the lifestyle you desire. Life here is much more like staying at a retreat-style resort all-year round. It’s all about finding fulfillment, doing what you love, and thriving. Keep reading to find out what it’s like to move to independent living near Bergen County or Essex County NJ.

Responsibilities Handled For You

It’s time to put aside the cleaning, landscaping, and mundane housework! Our independent living community is hassle-free. Think about the daily chore of maintaining your home and staying on top of upkeep throughout the year. Here at Thrive, you can say goodbye to your daily “to-do” list. All the light housekeeping services are provided for you by our excellent team. This means you never have to worry about cutting the lawn, or climbing the stairs with heavy laundry baskets again! Once you move into independent living near Essex County, there’s plenty of complimentary housekeeping options available to lend a helping hand.

Focus On Friendship And Relationship Building

Here at Thrive, everything is done with an emphasis on friendship and relationship building. We know that staying social and building long-lasting connections is a big part of aging well. After all, it helps you have fun, laugh more, and live your best life. From the minute you walk in, we go out of our way to make sure you feel comfortable, welcomed, and excited. In fact, we designed our Landing Day Program just to do that. We’ll literally roll out the red carpet to exceed your independent living expectations from Day 1. After this warm welcome, there’s plenty of daily activities, events, and clubs to help you meet all your new neighbors. The focus on friendship at independent or assisted living in Northern NJ allows you to make new friends, thrive, and live the retirement you deserve.

Live An Active, Vibrant Lifestyle

We always go the extra mile to keep residents engaged and enjoying our independent living community to the fullest. Every day, you’ll find tons of scheduled activities and exciting things to do on your own. Your day may begin with some Tai-Chi, or a walk on some of our local nature trails. Later on, you can enjoy spending some time in the Social Court with neighbors, friends, and family. With so much to do every day, we’ve officially banned boredom here at Thrive (unless that’s your thing of course)! If there’s something you love to do, you can almost always find it at independent living near Essex County.

World-Class, Restaurant-Style Dining Experiences

At our independent living community, world-class dining is an essential part of the personalized service we provide. We aim to inspire appetites with delicious, nutritious, and gourmet menus. Our expert culinary team crafts amazing meals using the freshest ingredients to create elegant, restaurant-style dining experiences every day. Our goal is for you to look forward to breakfast, lunch, and dinnertime daily. We even have plenty of private dining room spaces for whenever you want to share a meal with family and friends. Whether you already have your favorites or are looking forward to trying something new, fine dining is a great part of moving to independent senior living communities near Bergen County or Essex County.

Evening Fun!

After enjoying a delicious meal, there’s still plenty to do in the evening. Take an after-dinner stroll around the community, play a game, have a nightcap in the Social court, or go catch a movie in the theater – complete with delicious, freshly popped popcorn. When the family is visiting, it’s the perfect time to plan upcoming gatherings or hang out with the grand kids. On quieter evenings, you may want to just relax, call some friends, or have a glass of wine. Before its time to hit the hay, there’s plenty of evening fun every night at independent living near Essex County.

There’s so much to experience, do, and look forward to once you move to independent living near Essex County NJ. Once you are ready to take the next step in your senior living journey, reach out to a Thrive at Montvale team member. We’ll listen to your goals, discuss your priorities, and help you discover living arrangements that meet your needs. Then, we’ll help you schedule a tour of Thrive’s luxurious independent living community. We’re always here to help. Get in touch today, 201-201-8815.