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var Config = { propertyUniqueId: 'ThriveGreenIsland', chatConsole: '', tenant: 'Enquire Solutions', showProfiles: false, profiles: ['Thrive at Green Island'], label: 'Thank you for visiting Thrive at Green Island. How may we help you with your loved one?' }; var propertyUniqueId = Config.propertyUniqueID; var fields = { question: { label: Config.label }, 'Omni.ELEADS_ID': { value: Config.propertyUniqueId, show: false } }; // The addWidget method displays the static Chat widget on the page Five9SocialWidget.addWidget({ type: "chat", rootUrl: "", tenant: Config.tenant, profiles: Config.profiles, showProfiles: false, theme: "default-theme.css", fields: fields }); // The options variable is used to configure the Proactive Chat var options = { customChatFields: fields, tenant: Config.tenant, restAPI: '', chatConsole: '', showProfiles: false, notificationType: 'notification' // notification, modal, callback }; // The init method initalizes the Proactive Chat Five9ProactiveChat.init(options); // The parameters variable is used to setup the Proactive Chat for this specific page var parameters = { pageId: 'home', fields: [], profiles: Config.profiles }; // The startNewPage method activates the Proactive Chat functions for this page Five9ProactiveChat.startNewPage(parameters);