Opening Spring 2019

Thrive at Four Mile Cove

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Come To Live Here.

We believe that if a community’s focus is strictly on care, they don’t care enough. At Thrive at Four Mile Cove, great care is just a by-product of bigger and better things.

Come To Live Here.

Walk in and see a group of young moms huddled in a cozy booth, coffee in hand, soaking in the parenting wisdom of one of Thrive at Four Mile Cove’s residents. At a nearby table, a group of young, ambitious businesspeople are sharing a beer with several Thrive residents who are assisting them in refining a business plan.

Too many senior living communities believe that Elders should be neither seen nor heard; just neatly tucked away, where they can’t be a burden to anyone. We say, horse hockey. Elders have a retreat at Thrive at Four Mile Cove, in Cape Coral, just off Four Mile Cove Road near Del Prado Road. Here, their lives have value. We love them for their stories, their wit, their life experiences. We think they’re heroes, so we surround them with team members who quickly become their friends. We fill their days with endless options. What will it be today? Hitting the fitness center? Making new friends or meeting up with old ones in the ultra-modern lounge? Going on a citywide tour? It’s like a second childhood, without the braces or parents.

At its core, Thrive is about building community. Our residents move here to downsize and simplify, not disengage. But it gets better. We believe that every Elder deserves a chance to excel, regardless of their physical or mental state. So we have a memory care neighborhood dedicated to helping their unique needs. All team members are NIDE (National Institute for Dementia Education) certified, which is a mouthful to say, but simply means that our team members are prepared and qualified to interact with your loved one as a unique human being, not a case study. Because we’ll let you in on a not-so-secret about your loved ones: we love them too.

What We Offer: Independent Living , Assisted Living & Memory Care


We have a wide spectrum of living options under one roof.

Independent Living is for our residents who are loving the later years of life and looking to downsize or find a close knit community of friends. It’s a wonderful mix of daily social events and peaceful retreat to your own suite. Envision a cruise ship on land.

Assisted Living is ideal for residents who value their independence, but may need assistance with daily activities. Our assistance promotes independence and is accessible at all times of day.

Memory Care is for our Elders who are living with some form of memory loss. Every member of the Thrive at Four Mile Cove team is NIDE (National Institute for Dementia Education) certified. That includes everyone from the chefs and housekeepers to the concierge and nurses. The education allows allows us to interact with our memory care residents as unique people rather than objects in need of care. Residents are engaged with the goal of helping them recapture moments of memories and the recognition of loved ones.

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