Feeling At Home In Senior Living Near Upper Saddle River NJ

There are plenty of great ways to feel at home in upscale senior living near Upper Saddle River, New Jersey. Making yourself at home in a new environment isn’t always easy. At Thrive at Montvale, our luxury community gives you everything you need to embrace a new home, lifestyle, and relationships. We’re here to help you right-size into your high-end private living space so you can experience ‘home sweet home’ right here with us. Keep reading to learn how to feel at home in upscale senior living near Upper Saddle River NJ.

Personalize Your Private Living Space

First off, personalize and decorate your private apartment so it feels like home. In your new private living space, you’ll have plenty of room to decorate exactly to your liking. Try incorporating some of your personal furniture, bedding, accessories, and curtains. Also, bring some family pictures or artwork to hang on the walls. This way, you are always reminded of your favorite smiles and memories. Plus, your private living space is designed just for you, with lots of light and engaging color palettes. This will certainly make your new community more comfortable, welcoming, and homier! Personalizing your Upper Saddle River senior living space, will instantly make you feel right a- home.

Make New Friends

In addition, take the time to make new friends at your new senior living community. Start off by inviting neighbors over to your home. Hosting a special party like a dinner or movie night is a great way to make new connections in your community. Plus, you can invite some of your current friends over to make your private senior apartment feel even more like home. Outside of your living space, actively participate in community events, excursions, clubs, and activities. Also, make world-class dining a social event while building friendships and relationships. Of course, surround yourself with new friends to feel more at home in your senior living community near Park Ridge NJ.

Schedule Time With Family

As soon as you move to your senior living community, schedule plenty of time with your family and loved ones. At Thrive, there is so much to do when family comes to visit the community. When the weather is nice, go out and explore our expansive Social Court. Your family will love to explore the lush gardens, spectacular firepits, and private nooks for conversation. Then, treat them to a chef-inspired meal at our bistro or outdoor dining venue. In the evening, catch a film at the indoor cinema, or watch a movie in the Social Court. Inviting family over to show them your new apartment, community, and vibrant senior lifestyle near Upper Saddle River is a great way to start feeling at-home right away.

Create New Memories

There’s plenty of ways to live your best life and make new memories at senior living in Upper Saddle River New Jersey. Join some fun clubs, groups, and classes in your new community. Participating in these activities makes it easier to explore hobbies, discover passions, and mingle with friends every day. Think about joining your community’s garden club, participating in Tai-Chi, or starting your own group. Getting involved in these clubs is a great way to make new friends and stay socially active. You may also find some activities that focus on exercise and fitness. Of course, these are all great ways to keep your mind sharp and body active. It is always a good idea to create new memories at your senior living community near Upper Saddle River NJ.

Stay Connected With The Team

At Thrive, our supportive, welcoming, and friendly team is always available to assist you with your evolving needs. Our luxury senior residence provides a wide range of compassionate, personalized care services. We strive to create comfortable retreat-style environments that are designed for you. Here, you will receive all the attention and personal support needed to thrive in your new home. Stay connected with the Thrive team to get situated and make your NJ senior citizen apartment feel like home.

There are so many great ways to make your new senior living community feel like home. At Thrive, we provide you with everything you need to make your new space completely your own. To get started today, reach out to a compassionate independent or assisted living specialist. Our knowledgeable, caring team is always available to listen and help find the best senior living community options for you. Then, we’ll help you schedule a comprehensive virtual or in-person tour of our community. We’re always here to help. Get in touch today. 201-201-8815.