How To Live Your Best Life At Senior Living Near Englewood NJ

There are so many great ways to live your best life at senior living near Englewood, NJ. Life in today’s senior living communities is much different than it was years ago. Here at Thrive, we’ve thrown out the traditional blueprint for what to expect from senior living in NJ. We love thoughtfully designing highly-desirable places to spend your retirement years. If you are thinking about moving to an active community, you’ll find so many opportunities to try new things and just enjoy life. Keep reading to learn how to live your best life at senior living near Englewood, NJ.

Eat Great Food!

Eating chef-inspired, world-class meals every day is a great way to live your best life at senior living. Today’s senior living communities have made restaurant-style, fine dining a top priority on their list of amenities. After all, we know that residents are not willing to compromise on delicious menu choices, vibrant dining venues, and nutritious options. To accommodate our residents’ diverse palates, we’ve hired trained chefs to prepare customized menus and meals. This way, we can appropriately accommodate your unique culinary preferences and specialized diet. Certainly, eating great food is the perfect way to live your best life at Englewood, NJ, senior living communities.

Join Lots Of Activities

In addition, there are lots of activities at senior living that help you stay social, get exercise, and enjoy quality time with friends. Our community activity directors are always coming up with daily events that include signature parties, clubs, classes, and hobbies for like-minded residents. These all help you stay engaged and enjoy the community to the fullest. When you come to live at Thrive at Montvale, your calendar can be as full as you want it to be. Surely, join lots of clubs and activities to live your best life near Englewood, New Jersey.

Look & Feel Fabulous

With an on-premise salon and barbershop, it’s easy to look and feel your best at your senior living community near Englewood, NJ. Never underestimate the true power of a good haircut or full makeover. Everyone always wants to look their best. After all, life is way too short to have boring hair or nails. Sometimes, it can be difficult to maintain regular hair, nail, and barber services when you’re living at home. At Thrive at Montvale, you can easily keep up with your beauty appointments since our professional team is located right in the community. Indeed, look and feel your best to make the most of independent living in Bergen County, NJ.

Socialize In Common Areas

There’s plenty of ways to socialize, make connections, and discover new friends in your senior living community’s common areas. Thrive at Montvale’s social spaces are the perfect venue to hang out, join in on an activity, or enjoy the great outdoors. Spending time here provides you with a great, natural way to meet other residents in the community. In these spaces, our residents frequently pass through, enjoy a meal, and spend quality time with one another. Absolutely, socializing in common areas is a great way to live your best life at senior living near Englewood, NJ.

Make Connections With The Team

Of course, the Thrive at Montvale team is always available to ensure you are acclimating well and making the most of your senior living community. Our compassionate team will visit you one-on-one to welcome you and see how you are doing. Everyone on our team is friendly and caring. We’ll help introduce you to other residents, tour the community, and answer any questions that you may have. This way, we can help you get situated and make new best friends in the community. Plus, you can develop long-lasting, genuine relationships with all our supportive team members at Thrive at Montvale. Definitely, talk with the team to make the most of Englewood, NJ senior living.

There are so many great ways to live your best life at independent living or assisted living NJ. At Thrive at Montvale, we aim to offer a wide range of fun and healthful activities. To find out more about what our senior living community has to offer, contact us to schedule a tour today. Our experienced team members will listen to your goals, discuss your preferences, and recommend living arrangements that meet your needs. Then, we’ll help you schedule a tour so you can experience Thrive at Montvale for yourself. We’re always here to help. Contact us today. 201-201-8815.